Paris Games Week 2017: 5 PS4 Mind-Blowing Announcements (Video)


This year’s Sony Press Conference Paris Games Week turned out to be short, but very productive. While we waiting for the PlayStation Experience, let’s dive into the world of The Last of Us Part II, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, Concrete Genie and new offerings for PSVR.

Nexter has prepared for you a video, where you can see all the main announcements in 2 minutes. Enjoy:

Let’s look at each game in details.

1. The Last of Us Part II

The upcoming sequel of one of the most popular survival horror video game, The Last of Us Part II, is expected to be one of the masterpieces of Naughty Dog. The stunning scenes of Joel and Ellie return after the 5-year adventures puzzles and makes skin crawl.

Moreover, the developers have introduced some of the new characters. We are promised to overcome more gloomy and dramatic story. The question arises – what is going to shake the world of the main characters this time?

 2. Marvel’s Spider-Man

PlayStation has also presented new Marvel’s Spider-Man game that is not as creepy and mysterious as The Last of Us Part II, but still expected by the and fans of Marvel Universe all over the world.

The trailer shows a classic superhero atmosphere and promises us a breathtaking story about the friend and protector of New York City – Peter Parker. See who are the victims of the Spider-Man’s web in 2018.

3. Ghost of Tsushima

The trailer reveals some of the details of a new action-adventure video game, Ghost of Tsushima, developed by Sucker Punch Productions. This game developer is known by the series of games, titled Infamous, sold in 1 million copies during the first 9 days after the world-wide release.

The events take place in Tsushima, 1274. You are one of the last samurai warriors born to protect Japan from all kind of danger. This time your main enemy is Mongol Empire – the invaders of Tsushima.

Will Ghost of Tsushima become as popular as its forerunner?

4. God of War

God of War considered to be the eighth part of the series of action-adventure video game by Santa Monica Studio. The main difference between this part and the prequels is gameplay. Kratos will be accompanied with a magical battle axe instead of the common double-chained blades.

The story is now based on Norse mythology and the events take place in Scandinavian countries (Norway).

5. Concrete Genie

Looking for an inspiration and peace? This game is made just for you!  A bunch of magic attributes and monsters designed in all colors of the rainbow will definitely help you to open hidden creative skill.

Concrete Genie is a perfect way to express your emotions in art.

Best offerings for PSVR

Sony did not show all games for VR, however, they showed the footage of the main upcoming releases, Ace Combat, The Heist and Blood & Truth in particular.

It’s nice to see that Sony invests in new technologies and continue to develop games loved by the whole world. It is true – not all experiments with PSVR are successful. However, the virtual reality technologies have become significantly better over the last years.

So, now we have only one question – what will be the next move of Nintendo and Microsoft 😉

Check it out:

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