Orcs, Elves, Will Smith + $100M: All Facts About Netflix’s Blockbuster (Video)


On December 22 the first Netflix’s $100 million blockbuster Bright will be released.

What’s so special about it?

According to the film synopsis, it’s going to be a story of two LA cops in an alternate present-day world with elves, orcs and Will Smith.

The Bright is directed by David Ayer, famous for the fascinating Suicide Squad.  As Ayer announced during the panel at San Diego Comic-Con, this is an R-rated movie, unlike his previous ones. Rumored, it’s going to be the most expensive film Netflix has ever commissioned.

But don’t expect just another fairy-tail story with cool graphics, it also raises social issues such as social and racial inequality.

“It’s about a really fucked up LA. I get to explore some really cool social issues,” Ayer said when he was introducing the film. “I was able to do my shit here. I was able to tell a fucking story.”

Elves, Orcs and Two Shooting Cops

So, we have Will Smith starring as a human cop and his partner orc played by Joel Edgerton. Their great mission is to solve crimes in an effects-laden, magic-infused version of Los Angeles.


Classically for blockbuster cops , firstly, those two don’t like each other but must rely on each other, so soon it seems they became good friends.

Moreover, in this ‘fucked up LA’ there’s a strong classicism for three species. Humans are ordinary middle-class citizens who work middle-class jobs and live in middle-class suburbs.

At that time the orcs are oppressed and considered scum it’s the lowest layer. They are discriminated because of their appearance. Ayer described them as the people who “maintain your roads, serve your food, but without any respect.”

“There’s a lot of orc nudity,” joked Edgerton.

Who runs the World? – Elves

Like humans and orcs, elves have their own place in the social hierarchy that governs Los Angeles. However, they took the highest rank in the social model. Elves are wealthy, powerful and considered to be an elite group of beings in Los Angeles.

What even more important only they have magical abilities.


Source: Netflix

The magic wand

Are you surprised? Yes, it’s for real. Two cops are tasked to find a wand that belongs to an evil elf, played by Noomi Rapace.

The wand is an ancient relic that inaccessible for humans. Only elves who trained in a special way can possess it.

Noomi Rapace’s character is one of the most elite elves she was the one who created the wand of her own arm. But suddenly she lost it and it gets to the Tikka, Fry’s character. Tikka doesn’t want to give it back to Rapace’s character because she’ll use it for destruction.

As Noomi commented her character is “trying to create something beautiful, but her methods are quite vicious.”


First reactions

Despite there no critics reviews yet, Youtube official trailers gathered many comments. It was obvious that the main star Will Smith draws attention and may become the key reason for some to watch new series.

Also noticeable, that it looks like a modern version of Lord of the Rings but like in the gangster style. But the main hype started because of the trailer’s song. Seems like they watch it just to listen it once again.

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