Only 5% of Americans Trust Social Media News – Research


A majority of Americans is not sure if they are able to recognize fake news

As usage of mobile devices continues to grow, more and more people get news on their mobile devices. Social Medias are having a great influence on our worldview and perception. We spend more time watching the screen that hanging out with real people.

1. Recent Pew Research Center reports about today’s digital news media landscape say:

two-thirds of Americans (67%) get at least some news on social media”.

The most popular social media sites – Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat – expanded their audience according to the last data. Thus, the largest growth in 2017 saw Twitter (up 15 percentage points) and had the largest share of users to report getting news there (74%).


2. Is your Granny using Twitter?

“Older adults are driving the growth in mobile news use.”

New studies say that more than eight-in-ten U.S. adults (85%) now get news on a mobile device, comparing with 72% in 2016.

Roughly two-thirds (67%) of those ages 65 and older now get news on a mobile device.

3. Do we all see the fake news?

“Many Americans believe fabricated news is sowing confusion, and about a third (32%) say they often see made-up political news online”

A large majority (84%) of Americans say they are at least somewhat confident in their ability to recognize fabricated news.

About a half media users say they often see political news online that is at least somewhat inaccurate or completely made up.

Because of a great amount of fabricated news, 64% of adults are confused about the basic facts of current issues and events.

4. Americans don’t trust news from social media

Just 5% of web-using U.S. adults have a lot of trust in the information they get from social media! Americans consider national and local news organizations more trust worthy than information they get from Facebook or Twitter.

In fact, in a separate study focusing on science news about twice as many social media users distrust science posts on social media.

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