Online Slots Games With Arabic Theme: A Comprehensive Guide


The slots world has experienced significant changes and improvements over the last few years and the in-thing currently is themed pokies. Online casino software developers are exploring the feasibility and popularity of themed slots among experienced gamers. One of the most popular themed games is Arabic slots. When we were growing up, we loved watching Arabian-based cartoon characters in the desert of Egypt. As grown-ups today, the magic and thrill of Egypt is still appealing to us. Through online slots games developed by the best online casino software providers, you can revive these dreams.

Why Egyptian Themed Online Slots Are Popular

The long history of one of the greatest ancient civilization lives has been documented in history lessons at school, films, and books. It entices us endlessly with legends, formidable personalities, and myths, of which online casino software developers have found ideas that have helped them to develop Egyptian themed slots. These games are designed to take you on an epic journey on the Nile where civilization first began and through the ever-changing desert landscape in search of forbidden treasure, hidden lost oasis, or pharaoh’s treasure.

Given the increasing popularity of these games, it is no surprise that nearly all the largest online casino game developers in the world are working around the clock to create, innovate and improved games with this in mind, showcasing the most successful part of the games, whether it’s cultural artifacts, characters, or the Gods.

Arabic Themed Online Slots

Apart from playing free versions of Arabic themed online slots, you can also play real money options. While browsing through these games, you will come across pristine white sand, temples, the good old camels, and outlaws in traditional regalia. These slots are focused on the Arabic culture and the reels decked with traditional Arabic ornaments or the clothes worn by Arabs. Arabs have a rich and diverse culture, which makes the possibilities of these online slots unlimited. Some of the most common paytable symbols you will find on these slots include golden items, camels, traditional headwear, treasure chests, men and women in the traditional regalia, and temples.

Software developers have come up with innovative ways to make these slots easy to learn and attractive. A unique theme is used for a range of games to help players to easily recognize what a certain action or symbol represents. Most importantly, by using a particular culture, players are able to identify with the different aspects used without any problem. Players will not have a difficult time trying to conceptualize the game, the symbols, and rules. Each time a player interacts with the symbols while playing any Arabic themed slot, they will instantly know whether they should expect a huge payout or not.

The Best Arabic Themed Online Slots

As mentioned above, Arabic themed online slots are vibrant, full of culture, and you will definitely have fun while playing them. For this reason, it is important to know the various slots that feature Arabic theme and are bound to give you the best gaming experience. Although the slot world is flooded with a wide range of slots with this theme, there are few games that stand out in the sense that they have executed the theme flawlessly in the gameplay. Here are the best Arabic-themed slot games you should consider trying out:

  • Arabian nights

Arabian Nights is a slot game with 5 reels and 10 pay-lines. The game, which was developed by Net Entertainment, offers bonus free spins, scatter symbols, wild multiplier, and a progressive jackpot. This game is all about the jackpot.

Players can find the scatter symbol under an oil lamp and if a player lands 3 or more of these symbols on the five reel, they get a free spin round. There is where it all gets interesting as the players are awarded 15 extra spins. The wild symbol is represented by the Arabic man. If you are lucky to land five of these on a pay-line, you could be the lucky winner of the jackpot.

  • Arabian Tales

This Arabic-themed slot is mind-blowing, engaging and fun. It features more than four rounds and offers you a chance to collect bonuses. As you continue playing, you will also be rewarded with additional coins. So, keep playing to see where the magic carpet in this Arabic themed slot will take you.

  • The Wish master

This slot involves making your wish and waiting for a response from the Wish Master. Another great pokie from Net Entertainment, this game has many features that will give you wonderful gaming experience.

It has 5 reels and 20 pay-lines. The bonus feature in this game allows it to add multipliers and expanding wild to improve your chances of winning. A genie lamp represents that scatter symbol and helps you to unlock free spins which in turn unlock bonus features.

  • Sultans Gold

This game involves traversing the Arab world looking for gold and all the good things in life to get the largest payout. To win, you have to find sultans treasure. To win the biggest jackpot, you have to land 5 sultans. This lets you win 5000x your bet. The palace represents the wild symbol and it replaces all the symbols on your reel. The wild symbol also unlocks 10 free bonus round. This could ultimately lead to scatter symbol and big rewards. You should also put your eye out for the princess because she can help you win up to 2000x your bet.

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