Online Poker For Real Money: Traps And Pitfalls


Have you ever noticed how easily poker keeps its position of being #1 gambling activity for ages? Thanks to such trend setters as Dan Bilzerian or Vanessa Selbst, this game is not letting down its position.

When browsing through the web and seeing an Instagram of someone like Bilzerian, who is the king of internet with all his yachts, mansions, stacks of cash and numerous girlfriends, everyone wants to live just like that. So, when people realize he does nothing but plays poker – they start searching for any possibility of upgrading their skills to high-rollers who can afford placing a fortune at stake.

This is why online casinos sweat guts out in order to find a solution that would let them host poker tutorial, virtual poker for beginners, for real cash and online championships within a single platform. This is not cheap and if there is a solution for cheap online poker – they grab it instantly. As it is way much easier to get a complex decision for gambling platform than rush around looking for new approaches that could cover each issue separately. What should an entrepreneur know to make players give all five stars to their platform?

Real Money

First of all, poker is about fresh cash. When choosing software for gambling website – mind that nobody appreciates dealing with extra long cash outs. People hate waiting, especially for their money. What they like is numerous payment methods available:

●      Visa,

●      MasterCard,

●      Neteller,

●      Skrill,

●      PayPal, etc.

These are the minimal requirements for any solid platform. Together with it, in our reality, a casino that accepts cryptocurrency always gets double profit. Experts say, some high-rollers hate the idea their wives can check their banking balance and catch them placing big at stake. This is why they secretly mine Bitcoins, Etherum and other e-money to have an opportunity to play without limits.


After checking all money issues, it is high time for checking the design. Website that looks like it has ran out of the 90’s is not attractive, and it will definitely scare visitors away faster than they try it in action. Nobody says one should rush for 3d graphics with super expensive games, but interface should look stylish and catch an eye right after entrance. Most developers offer black background with bright elements on it which is quite reasonable. It helps users notice all offers and games, leaving them engaged for long.

Games Variety

Wide choice of popular games is a must for every playhouse. Poker is among them, too. Some casino runners are sure there is only one type of poker and they are completely wrong. Almost every country has its own variations. But among the most popular are:

●      Draw poker;

●      Five Card Draw Poker;

●      Stud poker;

●      Seven-card stud;

●      Five-card stud;

●      Texas hold ’em;

●      Omaha hold ’em;

●      Greek hold ’em;

●      Six-plus hold ’em.

It is not obligatory to have them all, but at least a half should be offered to players.

They say, the cheapest poker is pokie machine, but today’s players prefer quality and quantity, and they are ready to pay for it.

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