Online Pastime In Canada


According to statistics, online gamblers in Canada belong to diverse social groups, have a high income, as well as the average age of a gambler is 35 years. Moreover, players in Canada give preference to online games and visit such casinos much more often compared with land-based establishments.

Canadian Gamblers: Demand and Supply
It was forbidden for Canadian players to visit online casino till 2009; nevertheless, users played the games on a variety of offshore websites. The Canadian Criminal Code doesn’t consider gambling as an illegal activity. Nowadays, any Canadian province is able to license and regulate its own gambling websites. Canadian Gambling Commission is another online casino regulatory authority that also manages its servers.

Foreign operators are in such demand among Canadian players nowadays. The fact is that modern gambling market can’t offer its users a full range of popular services and games despite the legality of online gambling in the country. It’s legal to play in ten provinces and three territories; however, only online lotteries and betting operators work there. It’s hard for the Canadian government to accept the fact that hundreds of millions of dollars of the citizens are not in the country’s treasury. Officials can’t tell the Canadians which choice to make, nor can they cut off the country’s Internet for offshore gambling companies.

Loto-Quebec makes it possible for users to play online poker, as well as other casino-style games, while Manitoba has started to regulate online gaming, namely poker and lots of other widespread games. BCLC, Loto-Quebec and Manitoba Lotteries have joined the Canadian Poker Network, the first regulated poker network in North America allowing users living in these provinces playing at one online table.

The Way Online Casinos in Canada Are Developing
Online gambling industry consistently shows remarkable growth which has made it possible to get a significant income over the past decade suggesting that regulation is more than necessary. The relevant question is whether the federal and provincial government will take any measures to regulate the industry, or it will be done by non-governmental organizations.

According to the global gaming forecast published by PwC, Canada may be ahead of the United States in regulating the online casino industry at the state level, while cooperation between the provinces will gain momentum rapidly. Such measures will promote further growth, as well as attract even more onshore and offshore providers to the Canadian region. Besides local operators, Canadian online gaming market may also attract the US companies running ground-based casinos.

Online games in Canada are in the legal gray zone. Thousands of gambling sites based outside one or another province and even outside the country provide their services to Canadian users. A large amount of money is going to be earned by providers of other countries of the world until the Canadian government modernizes the legal framework for online gambling operators.

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