Online Gambling Dwarfs Expectations


We hear a great deal about the negative side of online gambling but very little is said about just how much revenue is generated by the industry which in turn boosts the UK economy exponentially.

Online gambling has certainly come of age, and there is still a lot of potential remaining due to the increasing availability of the internet and also due to the innovative marketing strategies that have been put into place.

It was Microgaming software provider that first designed and developed modern gambling software and the games that run the software back I 1992. The company worked in partnership with an internet security company ‘CryptoLogic’  who’s job was to prevent unauthorized access. As this partnership flourish so Microgaming was able to create gaming platforms that were able to deal safely and securely with players money transactions and personal data.

It was the UK who was at the forefront of mobile sport betting. Back in 2003 a 3G connection allowed players to use ‘The Betting Site’ which offered the choice of five bookmakers using your mobile phone.

But it was when the smartphone was introduced that mobile gambling reached a new level.

We all lead busy lives, in fact, if can feel as if there are not enough hours in the day to complete all the tasks, we have set ourselves, and because of this anything that proves to be convenient becomes very popular.

Not only did the smartphone become the essential piece of kit to own for its usefulness such as online banking and doing the weekly shop. It has also developed into one of the first devices we turn to for our entertainment needs.

Today we source our social media sites, play movies and stream music as well as play at an online casino that accepts PayPal all in high definition and superior audio quality. Being able to play when and where we choose as long as we have an internet connection has become the way to live, with many people choosing mobile play over the more conventional choice of playing games or movies.

New games hit the market all the time making competition fierce leading to designers integrating technological trends into their casino products and services.

This has resulted in the emergence of games that incorporate the best of all worlds with some truly exceptional 3D and video slots as well as live dealer games which really do bring the casino right to the player.

It has only taken just over 20 years for the online gambling industry to expand from a few websites to a massive industry with a turnover in the region of $50 billion each year providing jobs, revenue in taxes, and hours of enjoyment to those that gamble wisely.

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