One More Crazy ShutDown: $50 Million Startup Failed To Beat Apple AirPods


We all, folks, have been waiting for the new revolution in the tech-battles. But this morning Nexter found out that the executives of Doppler Labs $50M+ Startup on Here One earbuds failed to achieve their goals.

What is it like when your dream vanishes in the air?

Read about the reasons and consequences of the downfall on Nexter.

Here One Earbuds

Dopplers Labs was founded in 2013. The idea was to present the earphones that would be even cooler than Apple’s AirPods.

The main goals the company wanted to achieve:

  • Develop audio-based smart assistant;
  • Ability to translate a lot of languages in a short time or even instantaneously;
  • Immediate access to the data without phone;
  • Design the applications for those who need to hear better.

Even so Hear One Earbuds were not selling as good as it was expected, the majority of people who bought this device really loved the idea.

The Downfall of a Big Dream:



Doppler Labs has written a post on their website, saying goodbye to ‘Dear Customers’:

“We are deeply grateful that we were given the opportunity to take a shot at our mission. We want to thank all of our customers, fans, investors, partners, and colleagues – from DUBS, Here Active Listening, and Here One – who believed in us, shared their stories, and helped us make it as far as we did”.

Doppler Labs executives –  Brian Hall and Noah Kraft – have managed to gather together a team consisting of 80 people and collect $50 million capital. Unfortunately, they didn’t achieve their mission.

The reason is quite simple. According to the farewell letter, Doppler Labs left on their homepage, they weren’t able to collect the necessary amount of money to make a new alternative device.

Doppler Labs are not the only one trying to compete with Apple. The wide range of big companies on the market has established their own startups and some of them were more or less successful. For example, Samsung’s IconX or Bragi’s earbuds.

For Hear One Users



  • If you purchased Here One before the downfall, don’t worry! You will still have an opportunity to use your earbuds. The application is available for iOS and Android users.
  • Doppler Labs promises to support their clients until December 1. You can write to their Support Team or email anytime.
  • If you want a refund, you can ask for it on the website. However, the one should remember  – you can get a refund only in case you bought your earbuds less than 30 days ago.
  • The new Here Plus application will be available in the store after the approval. You will be notified about that.


Bragi’s earbuds have been more successful in the technological competition. Today they expressed their regrets on Twitter and it is up to you to think whether this comment is sarcastic or not:

Some people never believed in the success of Doppler Labs idea:

Despite the fact Here One Earbuds project has fallen, the startup still has its followers and supporters who are very sorry about the news:

Sometimes even if you have a brilliant idea and put a lot of effort, you don’t get what you want. What do our readers think about this downfall? Have you predicted its outcome or maybe you are the one, who still supports this idea?

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