7 MOST Brilliant Gold Medalists of Olympics 2018: Chloe Kim, Laura Dahlmeier, Red Gerard and Others


The Olympics 2018 is almost over, there are a few races to overcome, and we’ll learn the results.

For now, Nexter.org can list most brilliant and successful gold medalist of this year.

Medal Race

For Feb.22, Norway remains an absolute leader in the medal race. Though Norway has one gold medal more than Germany, the total number of prizes is much bigger: Norway has 33 medals (13 gold) and Germany only 24 (12 gold). 

Canada and Germany are almost equal in this race, with the first one having 22 medals (9 gold). 


Source: nbcolympics.com

US Hockey Women Team

US Hockey women’s ice hockey team made a history today! They won gold for the first in many years.

Chloe Kim, US

Chloe Kim, US teenager who made history at Winter Olympics when she won a gold medal at just 17 as that makes her is the youngest female snowboarder to win an Olympic medal.

Kim earned a whopping 93.75 in her first run in the women’s halfpipe finals that included a frontside 1080 (or three full rotations in the air) and front 900 with a tail grab.

Also, Kim is known for her taste for fast food. She asked for churros, which appears to be her favorite food:

Think that’s it? No! Kim also tweeted she was hangry that she hasn’t finished her sandwich during the breakfast.

That’s why Kim was given a churro ice cream sandwich from celebrity chef David Chang. Such a sweet moment!

Source: TransforCandy

Laura Dahlmeier, Germany

Laura Dahlmeier is German biathlete, who won twice this year in Women’s 7.5km Sprint and Women’s 10km Pursuit. 

Last , at her first Olympic Games in Sochi she hasn’t won anything, but her career achievements look pretty good: she won 13 world championship medals,  seven were gold (three were won in individual events and five – at the 2017 World Biathlon Championships).

Source: wyborcza.pl

Red Gerard, US

The 17-year-old Red Gerard overslept after a late night of watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Despite that morning incident, Gerard still won a gold medal, the first for a U.S. team at this year’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Gerard is the youngest American man to win a gold medal in 90 years! That’s probably why he said “holy f*ck!” on NBC’s live feed when the winners were announced.

Unfortunately, the video of NBC live stream was deleted, but we’ll always remember that funny moment.


Source: TheWorldNews.net

Simen Hegstad Krueger, Norway

Kruger started the race very unsuccessfully: he fell and broke a pole in the first 200 meters, falling to last place. Also, Kruger broke his pole and it has taken some to get to the beginning of the race.

First 22 kilometers, Krueger passed 62 other racers to took the fifth place. 8 km was still to go. Eventually, he came first!

“I did not believe it when I turned and there was no one there. I just had to keep pushing forward until the final.” Kruger stated.

He crossed the final line and won a gold medal for his country.

Source: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, Canada

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are figure skating stars that won second Olympic ice dancing title in their sports career. They also won gold at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

They got the medal after c scoring 122.40 points in the free skate.

Source: Sportsnet

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5 MOST Brilliant Gold Medalists of Olympics 2018: Read How They Brought Glory to the Country
5 MOST Brilliant Gold Medalists of Olympics 2018: Read How They Brought Glory to the Country
The Olympics 2018 is almost over, there are a few races to overcome, and we'll learn the finals results.
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