No Results for #bisexual: Twitter’s New Fail


Social networks and the major Internet-related services fails are getting viral. Google Docs bugTrump’s Twitter ban and Facebook targeting system are the reason of the recent Internet scandals.

What happened this time?   

Twitter blocked #bisexual



Yesterday Twitter users failed to use hashtag “bisexual” in photos, videos, or news, however, other keywords, for instance, “gay” or “lesbian” are working normally.  Some users reported that even those terms yield no results in photos and videos.

It is known that the search filter blocks various sexual slurs. A professor of The City University of New York – Angus Johnston – has recently noted on Twitter that the filter was working inconsistently as we can do a search on “vulva,” “breast,” or “nipple,” but not “vagina,” “clitoris,” or “penis.”

As a result, the reason why the error has occurred may be different: blocking of a pornography content or just a flaw of the filter system.


People wonder why some of the ‘abusive’ hashtags, including #whitepride and other racists and sexists slurs, still yield results:

The so-called bi-erasure is highly criticised on the main social media and is considered  “unacceptable discrimination”.

Twitter Support team has reacted immediately and pledged to fix an error ASAP:

On Friday, Nov. 3, Twitter Safety posted a new version of the content restrictions, including abusive behavior, self-harm, spam and related behaviors, violence and adult content.

Social media platforms are currently dealing with a number of problems regarding sexual and abusive content. We do hope they come up with certain solutions for search filters and block systems.

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