Nintendo Switch to Add First Streaming Service Hulu


Nintendo Switch proves it’s one of the best devices not only for gaming, but for streaming too. Hulu was added to the eStore a few days ago.

All Your TV in One Place

Hulu is a huge streaming service that allows watching TV-series on a bus, at the workplace, lying on your couch – anywhere you want. It can be compared to a library featuring popular current and past TV-series from many popular channels (including FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN, FX, NBCSN, FS1), Hulu Live TV and original series.



The Hulu application on Nintendo Switch includes regular services mentioned before.

It won’t be the only one service available on Nintendo: they are planning to add more video streaming ones like Netflix and Amazon.

In addition to gaming, streaming service makes Nintendo Switch one of the most powerful entertainment gadget. Also, a new on the television show – Future Man – is coming to Hulu on November 14, so you can test a new app and enjoy Hulu original TV-show.

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