Nexter Movie News: FIRST Avengers 4 Trailer, ‘Mary Queen of Scots’, ‘Dumplin’ Premieres, What NEW ‘Game of Thrones’ Teaser Reveals + 8 More

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First official ‘Avengers 4’ trailer

Things are not going well for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

That’s the takeaway from the first trailer for the fourth “Avengers” movie — a sequel that finds Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow scrambling for a way to defeat Thanos. The highly anticipated new film, titled “Avengers: Endgame,” hits theaters on May 3, 2019.

‘Mary Queen of Scots’ premiere

‘Mary, Queen of Scots’ movie premieres this Friday, December 7th.

“Mary Queen of Scots” explores the turbulent life of the charismatic Mary Stuart (Ronan). Queen of France at 16 and widowed at 18, Mary defies pressure to remarry. Instead, she returns to her native Scotland to reclaim her rightful throne. But Scotland and England fall under the rule of the compelling Elizabeth I (Robbie).

Each young Queen beholds her “sister” in fear and fascination. Rivals in power and in love, and female regents in a masculine world, the two must decide how to play the game of marriage versus independence.

You can read more about the movie in the review prepared by here – ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ 2018 Movie: Why History Experts Criticize This British Monarchy Version of “Game of Thrones”

‘Dumplin’ premiere

The film is a comedy about a teenager named Willowdean Dickson, aka Dumplin’ (Macdonald), the plus-size daughter of a former beauty queen (Aniston). The movie is a different take, and a refreshing one at that, on what it means to be a fat girl in a world where most people are fatphobic.

Willowdean loves who she is, but she’s fed up with outdated beauty standards. Willowdean decides to sign up for the pageant in protest and inspires a group of outcasts to do the same. Together, they work to change the true meaning of pageants and find out more about themselves.

Based on the 2015 young adult novel by Julie Murphy, this heartwarming dramedy has a positive message, says director Anne Fletcher: “It doesn’t matter what you look like, you’re still perfect the way you are.”

‘Game of Thrones’ teaser trailer

HBO has finally released its first teaser for the upcoming final season. Despite the fact that 39-second clip doesn’t contain any new footage, we see an intense war between ice and fire.

It shows a CGI rendering of fire and ice colliding around what appears to be somewhere south of the Neck region of Westeros. A wolf and a dragon freeze, and a lion catches on fire.

It’s all a big tease of a brewing battle between Daenerys, the North, and the Lannisters as they fight each other and the looming threat of the White Walkers during season eight of the HBO series.

“Game of Thrones” returns to HBO in April. The network has not released an official premiere date yet for season eight.

‘The Ranch’ Part 6

Ashton Kutcher, Elisha Cuthbert, Sam Elliott, and Debra Winger return for Part 6 of Netflix’s western comedy The Ranch. The newest batch of episodes are steeped in intrigue as Part 6 will not only be the first installment without Danny Masterson’s Rooster, but the forthcoming season will also introduce a new character: Dax Shepard’s Luke Matthews.

Part 6 of The Ranch (or the second half of Season 3 of The Ranch) premieres Friday, December 7 on Netflix. The season will consist of ten episodes.

‘Captain Marvel’ trailer

Following an electrifying poster released Sunday, and an incredible first trailer dropped in September, we now have our second look at Captain Marvel, with a new trailer released on Monday.

The trailer sees powerful part-human, part-Kree alien Carol Danvers piecing together her past, with an appearance from Annette Bening as possibly Danvers’ mother or guardian.

She’s later joined in the cockpit of a military plane by Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, and we get a little glimpse of Jude Law as Mar-Vell, with a whole heap of growl from co-star Ben Mendelsohn.

Ryan Reynolds to produce horror story ‘The Patient Who Nearly Drove Me Out of Medicine’

Source: Getty Images

Twentieth Century Fox has partnered with New Regency to buy supernatural horror project “The Patient Who Nearly Drove Me Out of Medicine” and set it up with Ryan Reynolds and Vertigo Entertainment.

Reynolds will produce through his Maximum Effort production company along with Roy Lee and Jon Berg through Vertigo. Jasper DeWitt wrote the novella “The Patient Who Nearly Drove Me Out of Medicine,” originally published on Reddit No Sleep, about an idealistic young doctor who tries to solve a mystery and heal its most difficult patient.

Jake Gyllenhaal will appear as Mysterio in the next Spider-Man movie

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I just realized I’m not playing Spider-Man.

A post shared by Jake Gyllenhaal (@jakegyllenhaal) on

Jake Gyllenhaal, who once almost replaced Tobey Maguire in director Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2, is now going to face off against Tom Holland’s friendly neighborhood wall-crawler.

The Brokeback Mountain star will join the Sony side of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe as the villain Mysterio. He’ll appear in the upcoming sequel to 2016’s Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Gyllenhaal all but confirmed the news in a post on his shiny new Instagram account on Wednesday:

Emma Stone in talks to play Cruella de Vil


Source: Getty Images

According to Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter, I, Tonya director Craig Gillespie is set to helm a live-action movie starring Emma Stone as the Disney villain.

Alex Timbers, the acclaimed Broadway director-writer and co-creator of Amazon’s Mozart in the Jungle, was going to direct the film, but the latest development is all about timing.

‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Season 2 premiere date

In addition to the holiday special premiering on Dec. 14, new episodes of the hit Netflix show will drop on April 5, 2019.

From the looks of the teaser, Sabrina’s embracing her dark side even more in Part 2. She’s gone platinum blonde, she’s hanging out with the Weird Sisters, and her relationship with Nick Scratch is looking quite a bit steamier.

‘Life-Size 2’ teaser

The TV movie starring Tyra Banks aired on Freeform on Sunday, 18 years after the original, which has since gained a cult following of fans.


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Nexter Movie News: ‘Mary Queen of Scots’, 'Dumplin' Premieres, What NEW 'Game of Thrones' Teaser Reveals + 8 More
Nexter Movie News: ‘Mary Queen of Scots’, 'Dumplin' Premieres, What NEW 'Game of Thrones' Teaser Reveals + 8 More
Description prepared for you a weekly dose of most interesting movies premieres and announcements you might have missed this week.

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