New Home Security Tech Worth the Upgrade 


If you haven’t updated your security camera system in many years, there’s certainly no time like now to upgrade. And while you may think your current setup will do the trick, know that today’s modern technology can run circles around archaic systems, and for the features that do overlap, these newer systems remain the better option.

Let’s take a look at some of the features today’s modern security camera systems tend to feature.

Wireless Technology
One thing that distinguishes newer systems from older ones is wireless technology. New Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras connect to your network, and they are highly mobile. All you need is a power source.

Whether you need security cameras indoors or outdoors, wireless technology makes it easy. Plus, everything gets recorded to a micro-SD card that’s housed onboard the camera itself.

Indeed, this technology is a good fit for doorbell monitoring, but many people also like to use wireless technologies in their rental properties as well as their homes.

Wire-Free Capabilities
Modern security camera systems can also be wire free. These monitoring solutions are a snap to install. They run off batteries, so there’s no hardwiring required, meaning you can install these wire-free cameras anywhere you need coverage.

Because these devices are battery powered, they work best in low-traffic situations on a motion detection setting. This way, only real activity is recorded, and your battery is preserved.

High-Resolution Recording
New systems offer better resolution than ever before. Modern security cameras have the capability to provide full HD or even Ultra HD recording. To put that in perspective, that means a new camera system could record video footage on par or better than your home TV.

Better yet, the extra resolution makes it easy to identify any intruders on your property, as well as to keep a closer eye on the people, pets and things that matter most to you.

Outdoor Solutions
Older home camera security systems had a major disadvantage: they couldn’t withstand the elements. Anything from extreme heat to freezing temperatures could make those cameras fail — and that’s if the dust, dirt, wind, rain and sleet didn’t cause the system to fail first.

However, today’s top-of-the-line, modern monitoring solutions are designed with high IP ratings, meaning they can hold up in almost all weather conditions and temperatures.

Night Vision
Night vision has also seen a makeover. The monitoring solutions of yesteryear may have offered night vision, but today’s camera systems capture images you can actually identify, instead of the non-descript blobs that older technology recorded. The top technology today offers full-color night vision. Between that and high resolution, new security camera systems make it possible to clearly identify visitors in the dark.

Two-Way Audio
Today’s security camera systems often have two-way audio abilities, allowing you to listen into any area where you have a camera and to speak to anyone there. This capability lets you speak with delivery drivers and postal workers, as well as family members and pets.

Moreover, these audio capabilities are just one of the many ways newer technology is evolving into something that can be integrated into modern life.

Ever-Evolving Technology Means Added Home Safety
Home tech is getting a makeover when it comes to residential security. New solutions feature advanced capabilities that are worth the upgrade — and, most importantly, they are configured to meet the demands of your modern family.

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