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Yesterday millions of documents saved on Google Docs were blocked and reported as inappropriate. This issue has been resolved, but the question why it happened and what we should expect next remains open.   

What’s that bug?



As a rule, Google’s policy forbids to post violent and pornographic content, sexual harassment, human trafficking, copyrighted files and anything connected with confidential information.

However, yesterday a multiple documents were locked and deleted despite the fact they didn’t contain any information Google’s policy prohibits. Google Docs Help Forum received a lot of complaints as well.


Source: Google Docs Help Forum

Millions of tweets were posted regarding this issue. Google Support team reacted quickly and tweeted back assuring the problems would be resolved asap.

Who is responsible?

As Google support representative, user juln, says, Google tested a new flagging code that marked and blocked some of the documents as ‘inappropriate’.


Source: Google Docs Help Forum

Google representative claims on Twitter that they managed to develop a fix that provided full access to the documents. However, we here on Nexter have been also dealing with this bug.

One of our minions experienced a technical glitch by sharing the link to fresh-written materials. The document was flagged as abusive and disappeared within a few minutes.

Luckily, we had the copy of an article and was ready to share with you some of the hot news.


No matter the bug is fixed, a lot of users claimed they would not use Google Docs service anymore.

One of the users replied to Donald Trump Jr.’s tweet about the threat of Tech Giants suggesting stop using Google Docs:

Rachael Bale – reporter on wildlife crime for National Geographic – says she has never used Google Docs for any sensitive information.

People are getting curious why Google scans the material they upload to the cloud:

Consequently, this situation puts in danger the reliability and safety of Google services.

We don’t know for sure what really caused the bug. Nevertheless, the issue is still to resolved and thus you should remember that you aren’t in control of the documents you keep on the Internet.

How to avoid the problems?

We developed a way how to avoid locking of the documents:

  • Create a new folder on Google Drive;
  • Make the folder visible only for the users you need to share the document with;
  • Don’t share the link;
  • Make sure you won’t write anything abusive;
  • Enjoy the safety of Google Docs service.

Nexter recommends saving all the information on your PC in Word document to make sure you won’t lose it.

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