Never Overspend on Furniture Again with these Tips


The most exciting stage of moving into a new house is definitely furnishing. Whether you are building your dream home or just moving to a new place, you need to get through all the inevitable, yet not so exciting, steps from the mortgage discussions moving on to the plumbing and carpentry. Once you are done with these, the fun part comes when you get to  choose a theme your home, and pick pieces of furniture that translate into that vibe you are seeking. Not long into your furniture-hunting journey will you realize that you will need a smarter approach bounded by your budget, otherwise things can get out of hand! 



Thankfully, there are some tips to bear in mind when you are on the lookout for furniture and do not want to overspend; below are a few:

Know when to buy
This is one of the most important tips to consider. It is understandable that sometimes this won’t be feasible However, when possible,  always try to save the bulk of your shopping towards the end of the “season” as defined by the industry. Like all markets, furniture sellers change their collections seasonally to accommodate new trends of styles and fabrics. If you have a favorite furniture retailer, pay them a visit long before you want to buy and ask the sales people about their promotional seasons. Normally, they will be happy to help. Some retailers would even agree to hold aside a special item that you are interested in, until it’s sale time when you can pay for the discounted price.

Buy from huge retailers
Sometimes you might fear that by buying from huge retailers, you will lose the authenticity factor, as there’ll be many other pieces like that rustic coffee table you really like but don’t think is special enough. This is especially common in cultures where individuality matters to people. In New Zealand, home of, locals appreciate originality, and these retailers present a different perspective to challenge this stigma. Huge retailers have their weight in the market  by getting the best prices for their customers that smaller retailers won’t be able to match. Another big plus to buying from big retailers is the quality guarantee, since these renowned brands cannot afford the risk of a bad reputation.



Consider restoration first
It is true that when we are decorating our new homes or even remodeling our current ones, we automatically think of buying new furniture pieces, because we want to feel the renovation and enjoy this sense of newness all around. However, this is not always the best way to go. More often than not, we get rid of items that could be given a new life by some nip/tuck work. You can change the fabrics of  your favorite sofa and get it upholstered, giving it a whole new look that would definitely cost much less than  buying a new one. You can also redesign excellent wood quality items like armchairs and tables, since high-quality wood pieces are quite expensive. So, before you go on a shopping frenzy, go through your furniture- or even your parents if you don’t have any-and decide what can be salvaged.

Do not dismiss secondhand options
Unless you are shopping for items-like mattresses-, check secondhand options.  Luckily, if you live in a diverse country with lots of expats, you will find many groups on social networks and ads in papers for people selling their “excellent- condition” furniture, because they are leaving the country. You can really find some great deals and you can usually negotiate the price if expats are restricted by timelines to move. Even if you do not live in such countries, people everywhere are becoming more mindful of and caring for their possessions in case they want to upgrade at some point. This will make it easier for them to make some money and reinvest in newer versions.

Don’t buy into trends
Just because all the display windows are adorned with the same mystic maroon velvet curtains, does not mean you should rush into turning your whole house into one of Count Dracula’s bedrooms! Exotic fabrics and edgy styles tend to go out of style as fast as they come in. You will be better off going for more classic styles that can be given a unique just by adding a few personal touches, instead of risking getting bored with such pieces in no time.



Furniture could be a money-depleting. Keep in mind all of these tips, and don’t leave it to the last minute when you are more likely to just make the purchase, because you need a bed to sleep in the next day. Furnishing your own home can be fun, and this list will make it easier too.

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Never Overspend on Furniture Again with these Tips
The most exciting stage of moving into a new house is definitely furnishing.
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