My Own Hand Tried to Strangle Me + 7 More Weird, Somewhat Scary but REAL Syndromes People Suffer From


Medical practice can be an ideal source of inspiration for horror movies. The can tell you about real “walking dead”, werewolves or your own hand-killer. is ready to share the most interesting syndromes of all.

Exploding Head Syndrome

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Exploding Head Syndrome is a rare parasomnia. Symptoms may occur when you are falling asleep, during sleep, or when waking up. “Some people have it once in their entire life, whereas some people have it up to 7 times per night,” says Dr. Brian Sharpless, PhD, director of the Psychology Clinic at Washington State University.

Main symptoms are loud sounds, noises, flashes, and sounds of an explosion in your head, the sound of strings, the sound of a bursting balloon, the sound of a bell, a shout, a knock, a shot; convulsions, muscle twitching; panic attacks. Sound hallucinations are not accompanied by any pain.

Fish Odor Syndrome

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Fish Odor Syndrome or Trimethylaminuria is an inherited metabolic disorder that can make a person smell of rotten fish. This disease is most common among women and scientists don’t know why this happens.

Trimethylaminuria is caused by an enzyme deficiency that prevents the breakdown of trimethylamine (TMA). As a result, a fishy smell emanates from the urine, sweat, and breath. People suffering from trimethylaminuria do not feel this smell.

There are no ways of treating it. A diet and short-term antibiotic intake may help to some extent.

Human Werewolf Syndrome

Source: Live Science

Werewolf syndrome, as you probably already guessed, is an unnecessary hair covering all the body, atypical for a certain age and sex. The syndrome can be both congenital and acquired – after a head trauma, anorexia nervosa, uncontrolled intake of hormonal drugs. Mostly, this disease occurs among women. Acquired hypertrichosis can be treated by eliminating the causes of the disease and by physiotherapy, congenital one is untreatable.

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Source: Deskgram

This syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by a distorted perception of reality. The person sees the world through a bad prism: large objects become small, and tiny ones – on the contrary, increase to huge sizes. It becomes difficult for patients to determine the real dimensions of the things around them, as well as the distance to them, which makes the life of such people much more complicated.

Most often, Alice in Wonderland Syndrome affects children from 5 to 13 years and, as a rule, has a temporary and episodic nature, suddenly arising and disappearing.

Dr. Strangelove Syndrome

Source: Scoopnest

Dr. Strangelove Syndrome, also known as Alien Hand Syndrome (AHS) is a strange neurological disorder that affects thousands of people around the world. It is caused by brain damage, as a result of which one hand begins to act independently of the other. A person controls only one hand, and the one “has bad behavior”.

For example, if a person ties a knot, one hand will obey him, and another one will try to untie the knot. Sometimes a disobedient hand can become aggressive – pinching, spanking or beating its owner. Once an Alien Hand almost strangled its owner.

Jumping Frenchmen of Maine

Source: Everyday Health

This is an extremely rare disease, characterized by an unusually extreme reaction of fright. Fright reaction is a natural phenomenon. This is a normal, rapid, involuntary response to a sudden or unexpected stimulus (for example, sudden noise). The exact cause of this syndrome is unknown.

The syndrome of the “jumping Frenchman from Maine” was first identified in the late nineteenth century in Maine (USA) and in the Canadian province of Quebec, among an isolated population of Canadian lumberjacks of French origin.

Foreign Accent Syndrome

Source: ThoughtCo

This is a rare mental illness expressed by the fact that a person suddenly begins to speak with a foreign accent.

If a person survived a dental operation, a brain operation or a strong migraine he can start talking, for example, with a Chinese accent. The first case of the disease was recorded in 1941 in Norway. During the air raid, the woman was wounded in the head and miraculously survived. But due to injury she began to pronounce the vowels and put emphasis in words in such a way that her pronunciation was mistaken for a strong German accent.

Walking Corpse Syndrome

Source: IGN

Kotar’s disease or a Walking Corpse Syndrome is a real mystery for doctors. Those suffering from this disease are sure that they either rot alive or have already died, and all that is going on around them is “life after death”. The true causes of the disease are unknown. Deep depression, a tendency to schizophrenia and head injuries and the possible ones. This syndrome is not distinguished as a separate disease – it is referred to as forms of depressive-paranoid schizophrenia.

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My Own Hand Tried to Strangle Me + 7 More Weird, Somewhat Scary but REAL Syndromes People Suffer From
My Own Hand Tried to Strangle Me + 7 More Weird, Somewhat Scary but REAL Syndromes People Suffer From
Medical practice can be an ideal source of inspiration for horror movies. The medicine can tell you about real "walking dead", werewolves or your own hand-killer.

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