Murder On The Orient Express


The recent 2017 movie reboot of Agatha Christie’s famed Hercule Poirot detective novels, Murder on the Orient Express, was masterfully made by director and actor Kenneth Branagh, who breathed new life, charm and mystery into this classic tale of revenge. Set on the luxurious trans-European ‘Orient Express’, the movie features an ensemble of gangsters, royalty and socialites which encapsulated the decadence of its 1930s setting.

The novel remains a perennial favourite with readers. If you were taken with the movie, its elegant interior shots of a long-distance sleeper train and its stylish clientele, then you can relax and dive straight into its ritzy environment with the Orient Express game.

The Allure of the Orient Express

In our interconnected world of air travel and global communications, long-distance land travel seems antiquated and time consuming. In the Murder on the Orient Express movie, the train travelled from Istanbul to Paris via the Simplon Pass between the Swiss Alps. This would have taken 67 hours, provided the train was not delayed at any point in the journey. The movie and novel’s recounting of a snowbound layover near Vinkovci (Croatia), a moment that would be of great significance to the plot, actually happened in real life; the route was dangerous and rough in parts as the train became embedded in snow several times throughout its history of active service.

This helped build a romanticised view of the long-distance train and the adventurous perils despite the carriage’s luxury. A similarly comfortable and glamorous service can be found in the Yggdrasil slot game ‘Orient Express’ at, with the same typical route travelling through Paris, Venice and Belgrade.

Orient Express Adapted as a Video Slot

With the ‘Orient Express’ slot game, you can travel along the traditional route with stop off games in major cities along the way. Here you can soak up the landscape and cultural sights of the famed journey without leaving your home. With mobile play, you can even travel virtually as a VIP with cabin accommodation and table service whilst travelling standard class in the real world, winning bonus spins and jackpots with the swipe of a finger. Each city features its own special bonuses from Random Wilds to Win Multipliers.

Once you make it all the way to Istanbul, you can choose to revisit whichever previous destination you’d like, reaping the rewards of their bonus features and spins. If you’re looking for a perfect way to rekindle and relive the Murder on the Orient Express, try the ‘Orient Express’ slot game and its immersive and textured set reels.

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