Moving Forwards After a Divorce – How Do You Do it?


According to some statistics, as many as 42% of marriages now end in divorce. If you’re engaged or are happy newlyweds, then this statistic might be somewhat depressing. However, if you yourself have recently started to go through the divorce process, or have gotten divorced, then it’s quite comforting really, to know that you’re not alone.


When you think about it, almost half of the people who get married end up divorced, so it’s not as if you’re in the extreme minority. The entire process of divorcing of course isn’t something people either think about or prepare for until they have to, so when it creeps up on you it can be extremely overwhelming. So how can you begin to move forwards after a divorce?

Sort Out the Official Stuff

Because you’re married, of course it’s not as simple as a break up. You are legally bound, meaning that chances are you have shared assets in your name, you might have pets or even children, and you are of course entitled to some of each other’s finances. Before you can really begin to move on in any other capacity, this is what you need to sort out first of all.

The house is usually one of the biggest and most difficult things to sort out – particularly if you’re tied into a shared mortgage. Divorce house sale as previously mentioned, can be one of the most difficult things to manoeuvre, however it’s not impossible by any means. Of course, if one party can afford to buy the other out then this can work, but if you’re wanting to sell on it can be a hard process – particularly if the house isn’t shifting off the market and you’re stuck living under the same roof in less-than-civil circumstances! Quick sale companies are a great option here, as they take the stress of selling away by buying the property quickly, for cash.

Likewise, if you have children, then it’s important to make the entire process as easy as it possibly can be for them. Nowadays, there are so many children who have divorced parents that they won’t be alone in company – whereas at school they’d have once been in the minority, it’s no longer like that. Above all else, offer them support, and ensure that you’re still a united front as a family. Above all else, divorced or not, you are their parents, and it’s crucial that they know that doesn’t change.

Journal Your Emotions

Once you’ve dealt with the finances and the official implications of divorce, it’s time to focus on yourself. Going through divorce is something that no one ever pictures themselves having to go through, and it can be very emotionally challenging, and difficult to understand exactly what it is you feel. This is why journaling your emotions can be very helpful in the healing process.

Sometimes when you’re in the midst of an emotional whirlwind, where you might feel relief that the arguments are over, guilt that you couldn’t make it work, and grief for the relationship you’ve lost, you might not know how to explain the way that you do feel. Of course, you should never feel guilty, but it’s natural to do so. Writing it all down can be a great way to take the weight off your shoulders, and make it feel as if you’ve had some sort of emotional release. It can also help you to make sense of the way you feel, and why you feel that way which contributes to the healing process.

Talk to Those You Trust

When you feel ready, talking to a close friend or family member can be really helpful. Of course it has to be someone that you trust, but that goes without saying. After journaling, this is the next logical step. Now that you understand how and what you’re feeling, even if it’s not fully, offloading onto someone else is the next stage in the healing process.

Throw Yourself into Something

Last but certainly not least, take all of that energy, the frustrations, the sadness and the anger, and throw it into something else. This could be a new hobby, exercising, or even throwing yourself fully into your work and career in order to further your self-development. Now is the perfect time to focus on yourself and your own goals, whatever they may be! By taking everything that you’re feeling and putting it into something positive, you’ll be surprised at not only how much better you’ll begin to feel, but how much you’ll begin to achieve.

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Moving Forwards after a Divorce – How do You do it?
According to some statistics, as many as 42% of marriages now end in divorce.

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