Most Dramatic Robo-Cars Fails: Las Vegas Driverless Shuttle and More


Autonomous vehicles are to occupy the streets but leading to a bigger number of accidents and failures. Nexter prepared for you the list of the most shocking unmanned car fails.

1. Las Vegas driverless shuttle accident (Nov 9, 2017)



The 11-seater self-driving shuttle has started working in Las Vegas in test mode. This vehicle is able to recognize traffic light signals and give way to other cars and vans. The speed doesn’t exceed 15 m/h.

It got into an accident on the first day it hits the streets. Both cars received minor damage. Passengers were not hurt, however, it doesn’t mean it cannot happen in the future.

According to Techcrunch, the driverless car was not the cause of an accident. After investigating the accident, the police came to the conclusion that the driver of the van was backing up and struck the shuttle.

2. Google cars close to crashes (Jan 12, 2016)



According to the Guardian, near 272 Google’s driverless cars experienced technical problems. Fortunately, no one got hurt, however, this isn’t far from happening.

272 car detected safety-critical system glitches and communications breakdown. In some cases, a human driver took control of the car and prevented the crash of the car.

13 cars among those 272 were near to get into an accident if the human drivers hadn’t taken over the car.

3. Tesla driver dies using autopilot mode (May 7, 2016)




It was the first death recorded by Tesla Motors. There were several cases of accidents, however, it was the first one that ended up with the death of the driver. The dead, 40-year-old Joshua Brown, was a big fan of Tesla cars.

The sensors built into the car could not distinguish the white train on the background of the bright sky. The accident occurred on May 7 in the city of Burlington, Florida.

4. Other accidents with Tesla autopilot mode


In Minnesota (US), unmanned Tesla car was involved in an accident. The owner of the car, 58-year-old Dave Clarke said that the accident occurred after he activated the autopilot.

After turning on an autopilot mode, Tesla flew off the road and turned over. At that moment Clark and four passengers were in the car. All of them were slightly injured.

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Most Dramatic Robo-Cars Fails: Las Vegas Driverless Shuttle and More
Most Dramatic Robo-Cars Fails: Las Vegas Driverless Shuttle and More
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