Monte Carlo Gambling: This Is What Perfection Looks Like


This high-end extravagant city has always been synonymous with glitz, affluence, and luxury. To no one’s surprise, Monte Carlo is the world’s top-notch hub of the deluxe entertainment industry and lavish lifestyle. The renowned city boasts its rich gambling enterprise featuring a number of splendid casinos that offer the ultimate range of excellent-quality services to its moneyed patrons.

The gambling in Monte Carlo has been projecting the image of pretentiousness and lavishness ever since the day it was implemented by Princess Caroline in the 19th century. Since then, the gaming industry of Monaco has been leading the world’s gaming charts and remaining an unprecedented icon of gambling amid lush and opulence.

Fair enough, one can’t just shove off for Monte Carlo to gamble without taking a scrupulous look at the city’s most outstanding casinos. In this article, we tried to highlight the most accomplished Monaco gambling touchstones that stand out from the blooming grandeur of Monte Carlo.

Casino de Monte-Carlo

If there comes a question like “What is the largest casino in the world?”, most gamblers come up with the three magical words – The Venetian Macao. And if a regular gambler was quizzed about the most historic and acknowledged casino in the world, they would definitely voice Casino de Monte-Carlo. An established abode of endless celebration and glamour, this legendary and pompous complex houses a casino, the Grand Theatre de Monte Carlo, and the central office of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo. Casino de Monte Carlo has got 150 years of brilliant history and remarkable success.

Unarguably, among the three of its facilities, the complex takes the biggest pride in its outstanding gambling establishment, which was repeatedly depicted in some of the world’s most prominent literary and cinematographic works: it was mirrored in Ian Fleming’s James Bond series as well as the notorious heist film Ocean’s Eleven. Today, the casino draws thousands of gaming gourmets daily, remaining one of the oldest and most meritorious casinos on the planet.

Casino Cafe De Paris

This first-rate elite casino is a port of call for the players with a refined taste for slots and French cuisine. It features an exquisite restaurant as its main “savory” highlight, along with the largest choice of slots – this France-inspired casino indulges its well-to-do visitors with over 100 slot machines! So, if you’re fancy making some lucky spins after dining with delicious fois gras and a glass of well-aged wine, be sure to put Casino Cafe De Paris the highest one on your Monaco places-to-visit list.

Sun Casino

The casino’s main perk, its lively and genuinely American style, enthralls the avid fans of the U.S. gambling culture and gives them a glimpse of West authenticity. But when it comes to food, Sun Casino focuses on French and Italian cuisines – the lavish restaurant “Le Circus” features an exclusive fusion of these two gastronomic cultures. Here patrons are offered the world’s most popular tables – American Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Stud Poker, Three Card Poker. Besides the remarkable gambling and dining highlights, Sun Casino boasts its flamboyant party nights that include posh live music events hosted by the world’s leading celebs.

Monte Carlo Bay Casino

Its largest variety of 145 slots, along with the ultimate range of table games, is the highest spot attracting gaming maniacs to this famous casino. Monte Carlo Bay Casino offers its patrons the modern ticket-in/ticket-out technology implemented into their slot machines, which allows gamblers to place the minimum bets of $0,10. And, after having a super-busy and engaging game, players can pamper themselves with taking a dive into the lagoon swimming pool and getting a bracing massage at the spa salon.

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