Mobile Internet Usage Set to Continue Rising


Over recent years, there has been a sharp rise in the number of hours people are spending online via their mobile devices. According to a recent report, this figure is set to continue increasing over the next two years, with people expected to increase the average amount of time they spend browsing the internet and using mobile websites.


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The data comes from the Media Consumption Forecast in the most recent report from Zenith. The number of hours each person will spend online using their mobile phones could increase quite significantly based on the figures in the report.

An Upward Trend for Mobile Internet Usage
According to the report, mobile internet usage has already increased to 800 hours per year on average per consumer. People are using mobile internet to do everything from catch up with the latest news through to carrying out research such as finding out about hemp-derived CBD. Of course, they also go online using their mobile phones to look for products and services, make purchases, compare prices, socialize, and much more.

Figures suggest that in the next two years, by 2021, the average mobile internet usage for consumers will rise from 800 hours this year to 930 hours. At present, mobile internet usage makes up 27 percent of global media consumption. However, by 2021 this will increase to 31 percent. Naturally, this will have a negative effect on other types of media such as newspapers, radio, and TV, as the more people turn to mobile internet, the less time they will spend using other forms of media. It also means they will spend less time on desktop computers.

According to experts, the portability and convenience of mobile internet has led to the rapid increase of usage. People love to be able to get online no matter where they are and with so many people now owning smart devices, an increase in mobile internet usage was inevitable. In addition, over recent years, businesses have created responsive websites or sites geared specifically for mobile devices. This enhanced user experience has helped to fuel the surge in mobile internet usage.

The ongoing upward trend in mobile internet usage also reinforces the importance of having a mobile-friendly website for businesses. While many businesses have embraced the popularity of mobile internet and introduced a responsive or mobile website for their business, there are still some that only have standard websites. The surge in mobile internet usage suggests that businesses in the latter group could end up losing out to rival businesses that do have mobile websites in place.

Convenience and Flexibility
The digital revolution and mobile technology have made a big difference in terms of internet usage habits, and this is partly because they enable users to enjoy total convenience and flexibility. The technology is now used by both businesses and individuals, giving people the ability to browse, work, communicate, and research from any location where they have access to the internet. As more and more mobile devices come out, internet usage will most likely continue to soar in countries around the world.

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