NO MORE Hot Bikinis! Miss America Removes Swimsuits and Invites Women of All Sizes – Inner Beauty Pageant?


The next year’s Miss America won’t include swimsuit competition and is promised to be more inclusive to women of all sizes, CNN reports. 



No more swimsuits?

“We will no longer judge our candidates on their outward physical appearance. That’s huge,” said Gretchen Carlson, the chairwoman of the Miss America board of directors. Also the new Miss America competition will feature more participants of “all shapes and sizes.”

The idea is to make Miss America – a competition, but not a pageant. The official Twitter account of the contest posted a video with the hashtag #byebyebikini. See what it means below:

What will be instead of bikini contest? A live interactive session with the judges, “where she will highlight her achievements and goals in life and how she will use her talents, passion, and ambition to perform the job of Miss America.”

It’s not all. The evening gown competition is scraped too and the girls will have an opportunity to wear whatever they want. The rise of #MeToo movement inspired these changes.

“We’re experiencing a cultural revolution in our country with women finding the courage to stand up and have their voices heard on many issues,” Carlson continued. “Miss America is proud to evolve as an organization and join this empowerment movement.”

So, what we will miss?

Probably, it’s high time to recall the magnificent swimsuit competition we experienced for many decades.

Swimwear Contest 2018



Swimwear Contest 2017

Source: Missosology

Swimwear Contest 2016


Source: Time

Two weeks ago, the 2018 pageant tiara went to Sarah Rose Summers, who beat out Miss North Carolina and Miss Nevada for the win. Check out the spiciest facts about new on


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The next year's Miss America won't include swimsuit competition and is promised to be more inclusive to women of all sizes, CNN reports.

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