Middle Eastern Models Beauty: Top Arabic Models Defining Fashion


Today we can finally enjoy the diversity on the runways as there is a shortage of Middle Eastern on the international fashion scene. These stunning beauty icons are redefining the narrative and proving that Arab women can venture into the world of modeling.

1. Imaan Hammam

Origin: Dutch-Moroccan-Egyptian

middle-eastern-model-photo-Imaan Hammam

Source: Instagram

2. Gigi Hadid

Origin: American-Palestinian

middle-eastern-models-pic-Gigi Hadid

Source: Instagram

3. Bella Hadid

Origin: American-Palestinian

middle-eastern-model-photo-Bella Hadid

Source: Instagram

4. Rania Benchegra

Origin: Moroccan

middle-eastern-model-pic-Rania Benchegra

Source: Instagram

Speaking of supermodels, these legends will never go out of style:

5. Hind Sahli

Origin: Moroccan

middle-eastern-models-photo-Hind Sahli

Source: harpersbazaararabia.com

6. Nora Attal

Origin: Moroccan-British

middle-eastern-model-photo-Nora Attal

Source: Instagram

7. Kenza Fourati

Origin: Tunisian

middle-eastern-models-pic-Kenza Fourati

Source: Instagram

8.  Halima Aden

Origin: Somali-American

middle-eastern-model-photo-Halima Aden

Source: Instagram

9. Hanaa Ben Abdesslem

Origin: Tunisian

middle-eastern-models-pic-Hanaa Ben Abdesslem

Source: Instagram

Find out who is the most popular plus-size model:


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Rania Benchegra is gorgeous. Wish I could look like her


Middle Eastern women are the most beautiful women!


Does anyone notice Bella Hadid always edits her Instagram photos and looks like an alien?

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