Michelle Obama Named America’s Most Admired Woman, ‘Black Mirror’ Movie Is Out + 3 More Hot News of Friday, Dec.28


Nexter.org made a list of the most important  you need to know this Friday morning (December 28).


Source: Don Arnold/Getty Images

1. Black Mirror movie is out, and it’s interactive

A final teaser was released by Netflix as the long-awaited Black Mirror event was released. It had been widely reported that it would be interactive but the ability to choose your own path still caught many out.

2. Richard Overton, the oldest US WWII veteran, has died at 112

Born in Texas in 1906, Richard Overton served in the US Army in Japan and credited his longevity to “God’s work,” as well as his daily cigars and whiskey.

3. Kevin Spacey’s sexual assault accuser has video evidence 

The AFP obtained court filings stating that then 18-year-old William Little filmed part of an incident at a Nantucket restaurant in 2016.

4. Michelle Obama named America’s most admired woman

Former first lady Michelle Obama has been named America’s most admired woman of 2018, according to a Gallup poll. This is the first time in 17 years that someone other than Hillary Clinton was at the top of the list, according to Gallup.

5. Record-breaking Christmas heat wave in Australia

Temperature records have been smashed as a Christmas heat wave has the southeastern corner of Australia in a stranglehold. The hottest place in the country, Marble Bar in the Pilbara of Western Australia hit an all-time heat record of 120 degrees Fahreneit (49 degrees Celsius) on Thursday.


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