Meet Joe Casanova the Man Behind Evolving Influencers with his Newest Venture Furlough


We’re living in a time where the smartphone has taken over a big part of our lives. There is an industry fueled by people who simply showcase the lives they’re living. At a push of a button, a patron of a restaurant can create an onslaught from a community. 

With great power comes great responsibility and throughout this new time, there is a man who has mastered the art of communicating with these influencers.

Have you heard of the influencer whisperer?

He goes by the name Joe Casanova and boy does he have an interesting story.

Joe Casanova started his career when he got Lyna Perez, the girl he was dating at the time, an iPhone. He encouraged her to start posting and actively reviewing her content while supporting in her captions. In a short time she began to build her following and started getting reached out by other influencers to collaborate.

This would entail taking a photo together or a shout out. Slowly Joe began to realize that influencers have this “closed” network amongst themselves.

He helped Lyna set up an LLC And monetizing her channels. She began referring influencers to him and next thing you know he had a pretty decent side business going on.

Some influencers get paid upwards of $1,000 per post so when you tell them an LLC, which usually goes for $200, is actually $500 they are gladly willing to pay for it. Influencers don’t usually have a traditional understanding of the value of a dollar. They make thousands by pushing a button while regular people make that working 10+ hours.

Joe helped Lyna launch her TV show which she ended up pivoting to a private snapchat.

This was his first and last exposure to the adult space. He generated $100,000 in less than 30 days. This ultimately put a wedge in their relationship which left Joe leaving everything to Lyna and walking away.

Joe loved the idea of the TV show where you can see more than just the daily stories. Creating a feeling of behind the scenes to their traditional channels.

Joe then focused on building websites for influencers. They traditionally treat their social media as the end point of where they want their audience to go but the reality is if Instagram de-platformed them their business would go bankrupt from one day to another.

It makes sense to get your audience off of social media and onto your website where you have full control. Joe then got into handling the audience management from the emails, text message lists, and Facebook pixel audience data.

With these tools, an influencer is able to offer brands more services like email and SMS marketing. They can also offer direct advertising to their audience.
He would offer services like segmenting the best fans of a follower than building a lookalike audience of that segment.

From there he would run advertisement on the audience segment to build an influencer’s following. He would find ways to beat the algorithm that wouldn’t show the influencer’s content to their following by sending them a text message with a link to the new post. With this data-centric network of influencers, he now can build real marketing campaigns for brands.

In November of 2018, Joe Casanova launched Furlough during a partnership with Prive Travels. He brought gorgeous influencers like Vanessa Christine, Betsy Alvarez, Olivia Pascale, Alexis Michaud, Nicky Gile, Jaquellyn Noelle, Alex Swift, Kayla Sheag, and Brendan North to Tulum for a content curation week focusing on activities for Prive Travel’s agency services.

This was the initial debut of Furlough but it hasn’t stopped there.

Using Joe’s resources from his Miami based agency CXN Collective he is able to build an online publication that covers everything in the space. Between this and his newest real estate acquisition, the Moma, a hotel located in Aldea Zama Tulum that can accommodate over 100 people Joe has some big plans ahead.

He is currently running a contest for Furlough that the winner gets to attend an all-inclusive trip. All you need to do is answer a questionnaire and tell him about yourself for a chance to also be featured on Furlough. Want to learn more? Head over to to get the details!

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