Mcdonald’s: Take Off Your Phone. Talk To Each Other.


McDonald’s launches ‘Phone Off, Fun On’ campaign to fight the smartphone addiction


It’s not a discovery that smartphones take much time and distract from real people around us. Especially sad when talking about family relationships. That is why in Singapore McDonald’s started a campaign named “Phone off. Fun On.” Its aim is to encourage the customers to take a break from their virtual reality and pay more attention to their family and friends.

The company has already provided about 100 transparent lockers in the McDonald’s Marine Cove outlet. Despite the main target are families, anyone can use these lockers for free.

“This ‘Phone Off, Fun On’ initiative is part of our efforts to advocate family togetherness and encourage families to spend quality time together,” Linda Ming, director of McDonald’s Singapore’s brand communications and customer care, told CNN

A survey of 302 parents conducted by McDonald’s last month found that 98 percent of parents and 91 percent of kids use mobile devices even when they spend time together. Also, more than two-thirds of respondents continue using their smartphones during mealtimes, according to Channel NewsAsia.

Alas, the Macca’s initiative hasn’t got much support, at least for now. One McDonald’s customer shared a photo of an empty locker on social media, writing: “Will we ever see 1 phone in da box?”

Will you ever see 1 phone in da box? #mcdonalds #familytime #nophonesallowed #iphonephotography #nofilter

Допис, поширений jerry sim (@shijia82) Жов 15, 2017 о 10:50 PDT

Another problem is that for many kids online world sometimes is more meaningful and comfortable that their relationships with family members. Making the children to take away their phones could be a great challenge for the parents.

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