‘Mary Poppins Returns’ – 5 Easter Eggs and References Disney Snuck Into Movie


If you’re a fan of Julie Andrew’s Mary Poppins then keep your eyes open when you watch the sequel as there’s plenty of Easter eggs.

Nexter.org found some of them!

Very first line

Source: Disney

Mary’s first line to the Banks ­children is: “Close your mouth please, Michael – we are still not a cod fish”.

For fans of the first movie it’ll sound familiar, because it’s taken from the original. Julie Andrews says it to Michael.

Talking parrot


Source: Disney

The talking parrot at the head of Mary’s umbrella makes a return – although he is remote controlled in the sequel.

Sisters doing it for themselves

In the first movie Winnifred Banks (Glynis Jones) fights for women’s right to vote as part of the Suffragettes. In the sequel her daughter Jane Banks (Emily Mortimer) has followed in her footsteps working as a union organiser.

Penguins dancing


Source: Disney

Everyone remembers the dancing penguins. They showed off their moves with Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews in ‘Jolly Holiday’.

They return in the sequel – the artists returned to hand-drawn techniques to recreate the penguins.

“I chose to do this sequence in classic Disney, hand-drawn, 2-D animation,” director Rob Marshall said, “even though it’s twice as expensive and took us twice as long.”

Richard Sherman


Source: Disney

If you look at the opening titles you will see the name Richard M.Sherman pop up, listed as a musical consultant.

Disney buffs will know Sherman – along with his brother Robert – created the score for the first movie as well as numerous other Disney .

Dick Van Dyke’s cameo

Source: Disney

Van Dyke makes an appearance as Mr Dawes Jr, the elderly son of the bank owner Van Dyke also played in the first movie.

How’s that for a link?

“When he walked onto set, he said to me that he felt the same spirit as he did on the first film,” Marshall said. “That was a full-circle dream come true.”


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