Marijuana And Sex: The Link Between Them


The discussion on the legalization of marijuana shows no signs of stopping. People from both sides of the debate put forth valid arguments. The talks are so pervasive and relevant that even beauty pageants discuss it in their question and answer portions.  

Even while the debate is ongoing, at least thirty states in the United States have legalized the use of medical marijuana. Also, nine states declared the use of recreational marijuana among adults legal.

The states that legalized marijuana in one way or another obviously recognize the benefits that it brings. In this article, we present the scientifically identified benefits of marijuana on sexual behavior among men and women.

Marijuana reduces anxiety, which can lead to better sex

Marijuana is consumed in many ways. Some smoke it, others mix it into foods such as brownies, and there are those who drink it as tea. Whichever way it’s taken, it appears that many people consume it because of the relaxation and calmness that it brings.

Marijuana is derived from a hemp plant known as cannabis sativa. This plant is said to contain around 500 active chemicals, around 20 to 40 percent of which are characterized as cannabinoids. Now, one type of cannabinoid, known as tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is said to have an anxiety-reducing effect, making marijuana consumption an effective way to calm the nerves.

A person who is calm and composed, of course, can perform better in bed. In men, the marijuana-induced relaxation can even lead to stronger and longer erections.  Because of this, it’s going to be understandable when you are a young man and you want to have a steady supply of cannabis. Online sources such as delivery will surely be of great help when it comes to these things.

Marijuana use leads to more sex in both men and women

An extensive analysis conducted by Stanford researchers reveals that marijuana use predicts more sexual activity, at least among the thousands of men and women surveyed by the Center for Disease Control. Because the study is correlational in nature, it is not clear as to why this is so.

What’s clear, however, is the fact that further studies are needed in order to clearly establish the mechanisms at work when a person takes marijuana. However, research into this field is made much more challenging by prohibitions from the US government.

Taking marijuana before sex leads to more appreciation for the sexual experience

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine uncovers a link between marijuana/ cannabis use and sexual satisfaction in women. The study gathered responses from one hundred and thirty-three adult women during their regular ob-gyn checkup. Around 29 percent of them (or 38 women) reported to have had used cannabis right before sex. Out of these 38, 68 percent reported that the marijuana intake somehow led to more sexual enjoyment.

The results of studies revealed here paint an attractive picture of cannabis and marijuana. But, as already pointed out, more research still has to be done to fully understand this substance’s effects on humans.

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