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The global pandemic has created unique challenges for real estate agencies in 2020. There’s a lot of opportunity, with many people looking for the security of home ownership and some housing markets seeing incredible growth, but at the same time, agencies have a responsibility to protect their agents and clients by reducing the time spent together in person. By using Set Schedule’s real estate dashboard, you can run your real estate agency remotely and maintain good social distancing guidelines.


What is Set Schedule?

Set Schedule is best known for their machine learning driven lead recommendations. However, they do more than just find leads. Their system allows real estate agents to access data about the market and about leads, store contact information on clients, and schedule communications and meetings. For teams, there’s the ability to easily distribute leads to different agents, and to communicate via a central system. Senior team members can share tips and advice to junior members, for instance, replicating some of the camaraderie of working together in an office.

Keep Track of Your Day

One common complaint during the pandemic has been the difficulty of keeping track of what day it is. Set Schedule eliminates this issue by providing an outline of your day on your dashboard. You’ll always know what day it is and what your schedule is. Client calls, open houses, showing, and more will all be on display, so you’ll have a clear idea of what you need to do when, and where you have time in your schedule to add something else.

Have extra time? You can look at your radar and portfolio and identify which leads you could follow up on, which clients could use an update, and more. You can always find something new to work on.

Keep Everyone Connected

A team plan will help keep everyone at your agency connected during the pandemic. Leads can be assigned and updated via the dashboard, which keeps everyone on the same page. Never worry about duplicated effort, or a lead falling through the cracks. Everyone will know who is working on what, what they should be working on, and where the team is at with each lead and client you’re working with.

High Quality Leads Don’t Matter if You Don’t Act on Them

Set Schedule provides high quality leads via artificial intelligence. It’s up to you to turn those leads into sales. The pandemic has made that more difficult, but by being highly organized and making use of the technological tools available to you, you can find success with your real estate agency in 2020. It’s a simple matter of keeping your team connected and focused on the goal: matching buyers and sellers so that everyone can weather 2020 safely in the home of their dreams.

The pandemic has changed a lot of things for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to slow you down. Take advantage of the opportunities that are given to you, and find new ways of doing business in these unprecedented times.

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Run Your Real Estate Agency Remotely with Set Schedule
It’s easy to run your real estate agency remotely in 2020 when you use a dashboard like Set Schedule.
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