Look at the Best Ways To Quit smoking


If you want to quit smoking, see the best ways to quit smoking more rapidly. Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health, but they are still smoking. Smoke hurt not only their lungs but also family and friends who are exposed to second-hand smoke. Colleagues are even more hurt. Is there the best way to quit smoking? Yes, you can’t miss it if you are determined.

1. Eliminate Stress:

Is the stressful working condition the leading cause of your smoking? If so, take away all the smoking equipment around you and change the working environment and working procedures. Put some sugar-free chewing gum, fruit, juice and mineral water in the workplace, do a few short breaks, go to outdoor sports, and exercise for a few minutes. Stress causes anxiety in human behavior. To remove this anxiety, people start smoking. They think that this habit can alleviate the tension and weight they are facing. But in fact, they are doing the most hurting thing to their health. One should engage in different activities to keep busy and keep distracting from smoking.

2.Strengthen awareness of smoking cessation:

Clear goals to change the working environment and old habits related to smoking, quitters will take the initiative to think of no more prolonged smoking. To have this awareness, that is, after a few days of quitting smoking, the taste and smell will be better.

3. Overweight problem:

After quitting smoking, the weight tends to increase significantly, generally rising by 4-7 pounds. Smoking reduces the constant speed of the body’s metabolism. After smoking cessation, people will eat more food instead of tobacco. Therefore, people who smoke will increase their weight by a few kilograms in a short period after smoking cessation, but they can cope with the weight by strengthening the body’s exercise. Because increasing the amount of exercise can speed up metabolism. It is best to eat snacks without fat. Besides, drink plenty of water so that the stomach is not empty.

4. Find alternatives:

One of the main tasks after quitting smoking is to find an alternative to non-smoking when you are tempted: do some skill games so that both hands are not idle, brushing your teeth to create a taste that you don’t want to smoke, or by ordering the excited conversation diverted attention. If you like to smoke a cigarette every morning after drinking coffee, then change your morning coffee to tea.

5.Seek Support:

You always need a companion in your life decisions. Some people who used to smoke in the past have had a good experience in quitting smoking. One of the effects is to quit smoking and seek support from friends and colleagues openly.

6. Avoid Parties:

Avoid smoking temptation when you first stop smoking. If a friend invites you to a perfect party and asks the people attending the party to smoke, then at least quit smoking; at the beginning, you should refrain from participating in such gatherings until you feel that you have no addiction.

7. Vaping

Quit smoking straightaway is not that easy, which most people think. It requires full dedication and strong determination. People of young ages usually want to get away from this curse without facing the severe consequences of leaving smoke straight away. They look for smoke alternatives which are not more harmful indeed. Vape devices are one of them which are proven an alternative to smoking fags. Smoke lovers love to vape in parties and in their spare time to fill the need of a smoking cigarette. You can buy these devices from several online stores. Vapeactive is known for its durable and robust vape devices. Kandypens provides, the most compatible vaporizers for its users. Check out more on Kandypens products here.

8. Throw away smoking equipment:

Things which keep provoking smokers to smoke and don’t let them easily give up on them should be kept away from their approach. Ashtrays, lighters, and cigarettes can be irritating to quitters and should be thrown away. People can only forget things when they don’t see them in their daily life routines.

9. Divert attention:

Especially in the early days of smoking cessation, spend more money on some fun activities to divert attention from smoking. Go outside, watch movies with friends or your lover. Don’t spend the night in front of the TV, as usual; you can go massage, listen to CDs, surf the Internet, or talk to friends on the phone to discuss the stock market.

10. Withstand the test of re-smoking:

Smoking after smoking quit does not mean that smoking cessation fails. After taking a sip or a cigarette, it is not “everything is too late,” but you should carefully analyze the reasons for re-smoking and avoid repeating the crime.

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