Living the Dream with an Online Business


You may recall the late-night infomercials in the 1990s with the get-rich-quick schemes that advertised wealth with little to no work. Many centered around stock trading, direct marketing, and real estate investing. Most turned out to be scams, but even the legitimate businesses weren’t realistic to most people.



That era turned many people off to entrepreneurship of living the dream of running a business and living a lovely lifestyle. But now with the internet, that has all changed.

It literally takes very little money, know-how, and ability to start your own online business nowadays. The barrier to entry has never been lower than it is today.

Here are some realistic ways people are making real money, living the dream, and running their own online business.

Many people are making a good living just blogging. They start a blog on a topic that they’re passionate about, and they write. It really is that simple.

How do they make money doing that? Most usually start off by displaying Google ads on their website. Then as they grow in popularity, they may write a book on a topic related to the blog.

Some spin-off into becoming paid speakers. Others start consulting and coaching practices to help people one-on-one. There are many ways to monetize a blog.

Instead of selling content, which is what blogging is, some choose to sell physical products. They like the idea of setting up a webstore and having people buy real things with real money.

In order to do that effectively, you will need a software platform. Luckily for you, with millions of people selling products online, there are solutions out there they have already been built.

Another great upside is they also maintain the software for you, including keeping up with cybersecurity requirements. All you do is pay them a nominal monthly fee.

One of the legacy platforms is called Magento Enterprise. It was one of the first providers on the block. But since then, many other vendors that are even better have appeared.

One Magento Enterprise alternative that is been a huge hit lately has been Shopify. They started out as a simple webstore platform but have morphed into a full-service ecommerce platform.

You also have to source products, which you can easily do these days from China. Alibaba is the best place to start to find cheap products from Asia that you can markup and sell in the West.

Some ecommerce merchants don’t even have websites. How could that be? Some choose to simply sell as a third-party merchant on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

There are people out there literally making millions and all they do is sell on Amazon. They’ve specialized and figured out how Amazon works, and instead of going on a bunch of different platforms that they have to learn, they rinse and repeat and scale what’s working for them on Amazon.

Believe it or not, people are making a full time living off of Instagram. I know, it’s hard to believe.

But there are what’s called Instagram Influencers out there that have a huge following in their niche. Some have millions of followers to their accounts.

What inevitably happens is a brand that is related to that niche will contact them and ask them to promote their products. They’ll pay the influencers to post about their products, review their products, and speak well of their brand. Essentially, they become brand ambassadors for those companies.

The tricky part here is that if you get too salesy and promotional, you may be viewed as a sell-out and it may hurt your following. Social media audiences value authenticity and you’ll have to walk a fine to make sure you keep your followers happy by staying true to who you were when you started.

YouTube is similar to Instagram and blogging in that you’re creating content. But it’s also much different because people tend to stay much longer on your content.

It’s also much different because it takes a lot more work to create content for YouTube. But the upside is there’s a much bigger upside dollar-wise.

There are YouTube millionaires that exist and are making a great living. The ones with millions of followers hire out editors, audio engineers, and other help to get their videos online.

Working Hard
You can live your dreams and run your own business. It really has never been easier.

But unlike what they tried to sell you in those infomercials, it takes really hard work. It takes creativity. And it takes entrepreneurialism to get it off the ground and making money.

Other than the lower capital requirements, it literally is like every other business out there. You have to create value. Find customers. Keep them happy. And make the finances work.

If you make it work, you can live your dreams.

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