LGBT Revolution: Trans Candidates Won a Race For the First Time Ever


It seems we finally have beaten discrimination and have made a huge step towards world’s harmony and peace. In a one day, we have so much to be proud of Americans and LGBT people.

Nine remarkable LGBT persons have won the election in Virginia, Minnesota and Pennsylvania and other states and changed US history.

1. Danica Roem, Virginia


Danica Roem has become the first transgender elected official in Virginia openly and the first lawmaker in US.

According to Washington Post, she has won the election with 90% of votes, when her opponent – Bob Marshall – got only 10%.

Remarkably, Roem hasn’t said anything bad about Bob Marshall even though he supported the ban on same-sex marriages. “He’ll be one of my constituents and I’m not going to attack my constituents,” Roem stated.

2. Tyler Titus, Pennsylvania



Tyler Titus, Erie School Board, became the first transgender person elected to office in Pennsylvania.

“That’s a piece that I can bring to the board thats still missing,” he said. “And I’m young, I’m passionate, I’m not tired, and I’ve got a big mouth.” (Daily Beast)

His passion is serving young generation, caring for children and development of the educational system. Titus’s own mother has fostered around 50 children. That might be a reason why he is devoted to school.

3. Andrea Jenkins, Minnesota


Andrea Jenkins has been elected to the Minneapolis City Council in  Ward 8. She is one of the proofs people will continue to fight for equality of all minority representatives.

Andrea Jenkins won a race with 73% of the vote and became the first transgender person of color to be elected to any office in US.

There is more than just three cases, Here’s a rundown of all  the LGBT people that won: Danica Roem, Andrea Jenkins, Ravi Bhalla, Elizabeth Guzman, Hala Ayala, Tyler Titus, LaWana Mayfield, Lydia Lavelle and Jenny Durkan.


New lawmaker of Virginia evokes respect and inspires people:

However, some people do not take it seriously and make a lot of jokes about the correlation between Trump’s victory and new candidates:

Moreover, citizens of the mentioned states leave comments under the candidates’ commercials and public speeches on Youtube.

“I am voting for you because you will actually work to improve the economy and the traffic in this area. You have ideas about the issues I care about”, kateg99 said about Roem.

‘Thank you Andrea from one of your sisters who also wears Purple.  A very beautifully presented statement that says a great deal of truth with feeling”, ChloeAlexa about Jenkins.

Meanwhile, Europe takes a new step in achieving world-wide equality – Germany is to accept the third gender by law.

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