LAX Airport Parking Guide


Traveling can be stressful, and being at the airport does not make it any easier.  Looking for airport parking can be especially daunting, whether you are at LAX airport parking or any other. The goal for any traveler is to get in and out of the airport as fast as possible.

To achieve hassle-free movement at the LAX airport, we have taken the time to check out the parking facilities you can use.  We hope that by following some of the tips we will share with you below, you will find it a bit easier to navigate this busy airport.

  • Choose the best parking option for you

You have the option of short-term and long-term parking at LAX airport.  Many long-term parking slots are in LOT C, and the rates are as low as $12 for 24 hours. You may find it  a bit of a challenging to get a spot here, though, because of its popularity.

Short-term parking will cost you approximately $30 a day due to the convenience of being nearer the terminal.

  • If you want to save, go for the farthest lot

The farther the parking lots are away from the terminal, the cheaper they are.  At the Los Angeles airport lax, there is an economy parking in LOT C, at 96th and Sepulveda. Even as you opt for this parking option, make sure you have the shuttle schedule because they are not very frequent there.

Give yourself enough time to make it to the airport terminal, if you have to use the farthest lots. Infact, carry an interesting novel and while away the hours at the cafeteria.

  • Follow the LAX’ Lock It, Hide It, Keep It!

One thing you’ll find in plenty at LAX airport is the sticky fingers.  The problem is so bad that the company started a campaign ‘lock it, hide it, keep it’ to sensitize travelers to take better care of their goods. In-as-much as there is good security; there are quite several car thefts.

  • Get your bearings

If you are new to LAX airport, take some time to acquaint yourself with the layout of the place.  If you use the parking lot, try and map out the shortest route possible so that you save on time. You do not under any condition want to get lost at the airport.

  • Use valet parking

There are different companies like Parkos, which has valet services,  that you can consider using to take the hassle out of traveling.   Make your bookings online so that you can enjoy some of the discounts they offer for advance online bookings.  You will get your very own parking spot, and the Valet service will help you carry your luggage.

Some of the valet companies also offer shuttle rides if the parking is far away from the terminal.

Final thoughts

It is a bad idea to go to LAX airport with the hope that you will get parking readily available.  You are better off making advance.

Give yourself sufficient time if you are using the long-term parking lots, which are a bit farther away than the short-term ones.

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