Kim Porter Dies Aged 47, North Korea Tests ‘High-Tech’ Weapon + 4 More Hot News of Friday, Nov.16

547 made a list of the most important  you need to know this Friday morning (November 16).

1. Kim Porter dies aged 47

Model and actress Kim Porter has died at the age of 47, according to multiple reports. She was also known as an ex-partner of P Diddy, having been the mother of three of his children.

2. Indonesian kids boiled sanitary pad water to get high

Kids in Indonesia are boiling up sanitary products and drinking the resulting fluid in an attempt to get high.

3. Five-star hotels in China apologise after staff are caught cleaning toilets, cups with used towels

Hidden camera footage has emerged showing cleaners at more than a dozen five-star hotels in China using dirty towels to clean toilets, cups and showers, sparking outrage on Chinese social media.

4. A hippo skull, a slow loris skeleton, and other bones have been stolen from a university museum in Sydney

Four animal skeletons dating back to 1880 were stolen in a bone heist last week, police say.

5. Julian Assange charged in secret, mistake on US court filing suggests

Court filing submitted by US authorities in an unrelated case mentioned existence of criminal charges against someone named ‘Assange’

6. North Korea tests ‘high-tech’ weapon in message to the US

North Korea has tested a “newly developed ultramodern” weapon in an event supervised by leader Kim Jong Un, state media said Friday, amid faltering nuclear disarmament negotiations with the United States.


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