Mark Zuckerberg’s Interview: Russia Did Interfere With the 2016 United States Election


In this 90-minute interview with Recode, Mark Zuckerberg answered the question about -related news, data breach, privacy issues, China partnership. 

Check out the key moments learned from the interview.


1. He says he should be fired for the CA data breach

To the question whether someone should be fired for the Cambridge Analytica data breach, Zuck is sure that he is the one.

Q: Should someone have been fired for this?

A: I designed the platform, so if someone’s going to get fired for this, it should be me. And I think that the important thing going forward is to make sure that we get this right. In this case, the most important steps, in terms of, to prevent this from happening again, we’d already taken in 2014 when we had changed dramatically the way that the platform worked.

2. Russia did interfere with the 2016 United States election

Zuck claims that was aware of the situation and contacted with FBI regarding this question.

Q: Tell me what you think about his idea that there is no evidence that the Russians used social media and did different things during the election.

A: Well, the evidence that we’ve seen is quite clear, that the Russians did try to interfere with the election. […] We, around the time of the election, had given this context to the FBI. They’ve clearly gone much further now, at this point, in terms of putting the whole story together. You could see that in the indictments that Mueller just issued over the last week or so. That’s the part that I actually think we got and were on top of.

3. If people deny that some important things have happened, they won’t be kicked out of , even though they claim that the Sandy Hook shooting never happened

In Mark Zuckerberg’s opinion, people should be got off for denying facts.

Q: Why don’t you wanna just say “get off our platform?”

A: Look, as abhorrent as some of this content can be, I do think that it gets down to this principle of giving people a voice. Let me give you an example of where we would take it down. In Myanmar or Sri Lanka, where there’s a history of sectarian violence, similar to the tradition in the U.S. where you can’t go into a movie theater and yell “Fire!” because that creates an imminent harm.

Also, he added that the only way to get rid of them is to keep them away from News Feed.

4  Zuck doesn’t want to leave out China from community

Mark Zuckerberg also commented on the situation between China and as the social network is blocked there.

Q: What is your situation in China now?

A: I mean, we’re blocked. […]  I think it’s hard to have a mission of wanting to bring the whole world closer together and leave out the biggest country. […] At some point, I think that we need to figure it out, but we need to figure out a solution that is in line with our principles and what we want to do, and in line with the laws there, or else it’s not going to happen. Right now, there isn’t an intersection.

Before that, Mark Zuckerberg was heard trice. First two times it was the two-day hearing before the Congress, but the whole meeting wasn’t really helpful for those, who were waiting for the answers on such topics as Cambridge Analytica scandal, privacy issues, personal data abuse. Mark Zuckerberg has been explaining the members of Congress the basics of social media platforms for 5 hours.

On May 22, CEO, Mark Zuckerberg arrived on EU Parliament meeting to answer the question on data privacy, shadow profiles and Cambridge Analytica scandal. However, Zuck managed to blow almost all important questions.


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"If Someone’s Going to Get Fired, It Should Be Me" or 4 Things We Learned From Recode Mark Zuckerberg's Interview
"If Someone’s Going to Get Fired, It Should Be Me" or 4 Things We Learned From Recode Mark Zuckerberg's Interview
In this 90-minute interview with Recode, Mark Zuckerberg answered the question about Facebook-related news, data breach, privacy issues, China partnership.

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