Keep Calm – He’s British


Easy to say, hard to do as the news for the lovers of James Bond and all he represents are disappointed once more as the release date of Bond 25, Daniel Craig’s final performance as 007 is pushed back to April 2020.

The newly announced postponement to the next highly anticipated James Bond movie is being blamed on the script being drastically changed with some reports saying that Scott Z Burns who wrote the Bourne Ultimatum has recently been hired to re-write the screenplay for Daniel Craig supposedly last showing as 007.

Scott Z Burns has also got script credits on the Steven Soderbergh films The Laundromat, Side Effects and Contagion. He also wrote and directed the CIA torture drams called The Report (there is also a film in the pipeline.)

But the simple fact is that Bond 25 has ploughed into several obstacles that has held back its release.

Director of Beasts of No Nation, Cary Fukunaga replaced Danny Boyle in 2018 after he dropped out stating ‘creative differences’ with the producers and Daniel Craig. Neal PUrvis and Robert Wade, both veteran bond writers then returned to the project in order to salvage the film. There is also talk that Paul Haggis (who is a credited scriptwriter on Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace) worked on a draft.

Originally scheduled for release this autumn, the date was first pushed back to February 2020, but now its release date is set to the 8th April 2020.

This latest news is obviously very disappointing for the fans of the man with a license to kill and especially those who love Daniel Craig in the role of 007.

When Craig was cast as James Bond there was significant controversy, and throughout the production periods there were even internet campaigns that expressed dissatisfaction about a move away from the tall, dark-haired Bond portrayed by all the previous Bond actors.

Luckily Craig was given support by previous Bonds like Sean Connery and the late, great Roger Moore as well as George Lazenby calling his choice as good casting decision, which was fortunate as Craig went onto to star in arguably the best of the Bonds, Casino Royale (2006) which turned out to be the highest grossing bond film until Skyfall was released.

The iconic scenes of Bond on his assignment to bankrupt terrorist financier Le Chiffre in a high stake’s poker game are unforgettable for many especially as he slowly falls in love with Vesper Lynd who is the treasury employee who has been assigned to provide James with the funds he needs to gamble. A love story that will continue over to the 2008 film, Quantum of Solace.

The high stakes Texas hold’em tournament at the Casino Royale in Montenegro begins with Bond gaining the upper hand but then he loses his initial stake due to Le Chiffre being tipped off to the tell. Refused stake money leads to Bonds meeting with Felix Leiter another player and also a CIA agent who agrees to stake Bond in order for him to continue playing.

There is something about how James Bond in all of his guises commands the casino floor that has captured the imaginations of countless people endearing them to the sometimes devious but forever charming MI6 agent.

The glitz and glamour of the games and the people that 007 mixes with might well be villains but they are also beautiful villains and movie goers cannot get enough of him, testimony to the decades that James Bond has sauntered across our screens.

Finding that excitement and glamour can be difficult if you do not have a physical bricks and mortar casino in your locality and this has given rise to many players sourcing their favourite games via trustworthy online casinos.

Online sites give players the opportunity to enjoy all the classic casino games like Texas hold’em and roulette as well as offering a wide range of slots and side games.

Possibly the nearest you will get to really being there is if you save some of you bank roll to take part in the Live Dealer Games on offer. These take place in real time from a bricks and mortar venue with a real live human being dealing. Players can interreact via the chat feature and games that take place in real time act in exactly the same way that they would in a Casino anywhere in the world.

It might not be Montenegro and you might not be 007 – but you can still enjoy your martini – shaken, not stirred.

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