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The release date of Justice League – a new movie based on DC Comics universe – is coming closer. Don’t miss a chance to be the first one to see your favorite superheroes on November 17.

Justice League is one of the shortest movies DC Extended Universe – it lasts only 2 hours. The previously released DCEU movies running is 140+ minutes: Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman.  

But firstly, check out Nexter‘s 5 reasons to watch Justice League:

Who’s in team?

Source: DCEU

The destiny of our world is now in the hands of the fantastic four six. Justice League includes the well-known defenders of Earth – Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg.

The storyline is expected to be much simpler than other superheroes movies, but we do hope that some of the events will help us to add missing pieces of superheroes’ story puzzle.

Who are the antagonists?


Source: DC Comics

The main villain of the movie is Steppenwolf – one of the ‘New Gods’ – accompanied by Parademons ready to conquer the world and put the humanity in danger.

According to the comic series, his abilities are immortality, superhuman strength, durability, and longevity. Also, Steppenwolf wields electro-axe.

We can’t wait to see how the super team will manage to overcome this villain.


Source: DC Comics

The antagonists are hunting for three Mother Boxes on Earth. This device is capable to consume all the energy from the Source and is compared to the bridge from Earth to Gods’s world.

Zack Snyder’s easter eggs

The 30-minute part of Justice League has been already shown in China.

Fans are going crazy posting screenshots with a “green light” on Twitter and creating rumors about Green Lantern’s role in the movie.

Some of the fans support another theory: the last episodes of The Big Bang Theory point towards Green Lantern’s part in Justice League.



Source: billboard.com

Unfortunately for some of the fans, Hanz Zimmer has officially ended business with superheroes franchises in 2016. He composed the soundtracks for the first two DCEU movies and was replaced by Danny Elfman in Justice League music-production.

You may know this composer by his previous famous works with Tim Burton – Batman, Batman Returns. Also the fans of Batman: The Animated Series and Spider-Man series should know Elfman by the theme songs. This is Danny Elfman’s eighth superhero movie.

Also, it is rumored that Danny Elfman will bring back some of the heroes’ themes from the previous movies and series.

Guide for parents

According to MPAA film rating system certification,  Justice League PG-13 rated: moderate or severe violence and tense sequences of sci-fi action.

Let’s talk seriously

DC Universe is a great source of inspiration. See some of the fun videos based on Justice League:

1. Cute puppies:

2. Superhero dance:

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