‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ EXCLUSIVE Review + What Does ‘Black Mirror’ and This Dino-Movie Have in Common


While you all are waiting for ‘: Fallen Kingdom’ premiere that is scheduled for June 22, 2018, Nexter.org has already prepared a cool review of the movie.

Alert! Spoilers ahead.


Is it worth watching?

No need to lie, ‘: Fallen Kingdom’ won’t become your favorite film you’ve ever seen. Moreover, some have called it a total disappointment but actually, it wasn’t bad at all and even have left few important details some may leave unnoticed.

The movie keeps you in tension for two hours so it feels like only 30 minutes have passed. There were lots of hot moments, new dangerous dinosaur and bad-guys but the key thing you’ll see in the end.

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What about the plot?

As you can see from the trailer, the story starts four years after the previous events. This time the whole island is in danger as the dormant volcano begins roaring to life, Owen and Claire mount a campaign to rescue the remaining dinosaurs from this extinction-level event.

Honesty, I expected the events will take place on the island but that was only the beginning. Then the heroes and some dinos (of course they didn’t save all of them) move to the city.


That’s a pity people do not learn their lessons and trust so easily to those who later betray them for money and power. Cliché.

The point is that ’s Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) has become an animal rights activist, and is trying to lobby support to save the creatures from extinction. She’s contacted by an old acquaintance named Eli Mills (The Ritual’s Rafe Spall), who works for billionaire philanthropist Benjamin Lockwood (James Cromwell).

‘Unexpectedly’, the guys who supposed to help them leave Claire, Owen and some cool nerd on the island after Blue was taken.

Fallen Kingdom’s main twist is that Mills is actually trying to capture the dinosaurs so he can sell them on the black market. His plans include yet another new genetic hybrid — this time, something they’ve dubbed the “Indoraptor.”


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Why is Blue so important?

This time we found out why actually Blue is so much important. The answer is that Blue is the last of her kind, the final living Velociraptor — which means the InGen scientists, in all their deviousness, want to exploit her.

Moreover, she has a unique ability to recognize a human (Owen) as a boss and protect other people from the danger.

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The dumb ending

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of all is the way the film ends, by clearly telegraphing the setup for the third , which already has a 2021 release date. The main characters stand behind a tough decision – to open the cages and the doors and let dangerous animals freely walk the streets or let them die inside as the deadly gas fill the room.

Obviously, they let them go and what will happen next will see in 2021.

So why is it dumb? Because they could just open the front door and leave animals in cages! That’s it – so easy. But nevermind, they just needed a reason for one more movie.

Most important character nobody noticed

It’s hard to see the most important tiny detail behind all of the drama.

The way the film almost casually drops in the fact that Isabel Lockwood is a clone of her dead mother is so badly ignored that you have to think that it’s going to come back as a bigger deal in the sequel.


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After all, there’s a whole other set of considerations around human genetics and cloning than there is around dinosaurs and it should attract interest from lots of the wrong sorts of people. Could we see Isabel hounded for what she is and what she represents to science? Could we see a revival of the abandoned idea of splicing human and dino DNA to create super-soldiers?

Seems like scary Black Mirror ideas moved to the  and it leaves more questions than answers.


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'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' EXCLUSIVE Review + What Does 'Black Mirror' and This Dino-Movie Has in Common
'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' EXCLUSIVE Review + What Does 'Black Mirror' and This Dino-Movie Has in Common
While you all are waiting for 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' premiere that is scheduled for June 22, 2018, Nexter.org has already prepared a cool review of the movie.

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