Is the Bail System Fair and Effective?


The justice system can be controversial sometimes. Some see it as a system that follows the country’s fair founding principles, while others believe it’s not 100% fair for everyone involved. One topic that has long been a matter of debate is the bail system. Many people still aren’t sure if it is fair or effective enough to be considered a legitimate part of the justice system. To settle this debate, let’s take an inside look into the bail system and see its levels of integrity.


What Is the Bail System?
The bail system is for people awaiting trial. Bail is basically money that you must pay to the court’s judicial system for a crime that you have been accused of to be released from jail until your trial date. No matter how big or small the crime is, you will need to pay a specific amount of money as bail. The judge reviews your current situation and sets a bail amount for you to be released. You get the money back on your court date.

How Does the Processing System Work?
The processing system for bail works, mostly, the same in every state in the US. Every defendant will hear what they’re accused of first. After the charges have been read to the accused party, the officials will record the defendant’s plea, which is always not guilty if they are to seek bail. Then, the case file will be given to a judge, and they will decide how much bond is needed. Each state has bail bondsmen that you need for support. If you live in Orlando, the bail bondsmen at explain that you’d need someone to contact and update you quickly about bail bond support. The best agencies need to provide quick response services to cover the bail amount for you, for a specific fee. If you find a fast bail bond processor, the experience will go very smoothly for you. However, some people still can’t afford the 10% fee to get assistance from bond dealers to cover their bail.

Is It Fair?
Once you get the help you need and the cash is ready, you can pay for your bail and be released until it’s time for your court date. But the system seems to let the rich leave prisons while those that can’t afford bail are stuck in jail for months until their court date. This is where the controversy begins. Many people think the system is letting big-time criminals back on the streets while normal, simple citizens suffer in jail for trivial misdemeanors and nonviolent crimes. They believe that it’s not fair because the bail system doesn’t necessarily follow the main principle of the judicial system, which is “innocent until proven guilty”. Plus, everyone has the right to a speedy and fair trial, yet, trials take a long time to process, and prisons are flooded with people who have not been proven guilty.


Why Is There a Backlash?
There is a backlash because of shocking research findings. The NYC criminal justice agency found that only 15% of people can pay for bails set at $500 or less, leaving 85% that can’t. Also, some judges set the bail higher than $500, and that means more people getting locked up as they await trial. Most people see this as a way for rich criminals to buy their way out of jail and that isn’t fair or just.

Because jail time is just too long, some people may plead guilty to get out of jail, even if they were innocent, because their lives and families will fall apart if they’re locked up for too long awaiting trial. They would rather pay the fine and be on probation instead. If the system is trying to get more guilty pleas this way, then the system is not fair or ethical at all. The system needs to change and it needs reform to risk-assessment tools instead. This will be fair because rich criminals won’t get out of jail so easily.

In the long run, the bail system can make wreak havoc on the justice system because more people will continue to flood the state penitentiaries. The number of people being locked up in jail increases over time and a big percentage of them are there unjustly. Also, some people are there for nonviolent crimes, while others are there for serious crimes that deserve very long jail sentences. Sadly, the system isn’t perfectly designed, however, it does serve a noble purpose. What legislators and state officials need to do is find a way to make it fully fair for everyone in keeping with the founding principles of justice and fairness.

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Is the Bail System Fair and Effective?
The justice system can be controversial sometimes. Some see it as a system that follows the country’s fair founding principles, while others believe it's not 100% fair for everyone involved.
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