Is Space Heater Cheaper to Run?


People living in areas that experience harsh winter seasons know the different ways of keeping their homes warm. However, they may still wonder which methods are energy-efficient. Central heating systems are part of an HVAC unit and are usually powered by a furnace. Space heaters are portable units and can warm localized areas. You can take space heaters to any room in the house.


You have to consider the cost of running of the unit if you don’t want to be shocked by your winter electric bill. Knowing the cost will help you plan well and also make smart choices when using the unit. Space heaters are a reliable way of heating your home if you don’t have a central heating system. It’s important to plan accordingly and know what to expect when it comes to the energy cost.

Most space heaters require electricity to operate. All you need to do is plug them into an electric outlet and you are good to go. However, electricity is not cheap. Your electric bill will rise if you start using a space heater. Your electricity cost depends on the following factors.

 1. Wattage 
The ability and power of space heaters vary. The wattage of the unit dictates its power. For instance, you will need a unit with a high wattage if you want to warm a large room. A 2000 watt unit can heat the living room and other parts of the house. Using such a unit consistently may increase your monthly electric bill by $150. The price can go up because of other factors.
You can check out the wattage rating of the unit on the tag attached to the power cord. Infrared and coil heaters use the same amount of electricity, as long as they have the same wattage. You can calculate the amount of electricity by multiplying the wattage and the number of hours the machine runs in a day.

2. How Many Space Heater Do You Need
Your energy bill will hike if you use more than one space heater. Note that a space heater will not heat the whole house. You will have to put one in the living room and others in the bedrooms, especially if you leave with many people. However, you may be safe if the bedrooms are close to your living room. One space heater can heat the bedroom and the nearby rooms.
Using several space heaters is costly. For instance, you will pay double the cost of electricity bill if you use two space heaters. According to, using one space heater is cheaper than using a furnace. Therefore, you should try to use one space heater and not several. These units are portable and you can move them to the room you want to warm. Ensure that they don’t run consistently if you have to use more than one.

3. Use the units wisely
Using space heaters wisely can reduce your energy bill. Ensure that you switch off your unit when it’s not cold. Always use a space heater when someone is in the room. Turn off the unit if someone is not in the living room.
Sometimes, you can do without turning on your heater. It can help keep down your energy burden. You can keep your house warm while avoiding high electric costs if you are conservative.

Safety Tips: Be cautious when using space heaters

Take safety precautions when using these units. Although they are great, they can be dangerous if you don’t use them properly. Space heaters can cause fires that can damage property and loss of life.

Place space heaters away from curtains and blankets. The heat produced can make the fabric to catch fire. Ensure that the unit is at least 3 ft from any object. It will help you avoid risks associated with space heaters.

Ensure that you switch off the unit when going out. Don’t leave children with these units. Fire damages can cost millions of shillings to repair. Luckily, you can avoid these hazards if you take the necessary safety precautions.

The cost of running a space heater depends on the wattage and how you use it. You can keep the operation cost low if you use energy efficient units. Also, buy high-quality space heaters that don’t require regular repairs and maintenance. Visit here to check out the most efficient heaters. Dress adequately during winter to avoid the need of using a heater. Running space heaters is cheap if you use them wisely.

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Is space heater cheaper to run?
People living in areas that experience harsh winter seasons know the different ways of keeping their homes warm.

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