Is It Profitable to Sell on Amazon?


With the increasing array of business opportunities on the internet, more people are beginning to consider several opportunities to get involved in doing business online. Selling on Amazon is one of the existing opportunities on the internet. IO Scout is a cost-effective toolset for Amazon sellers that helps to earn more money selling on Amazon. However, one of the important considerations to look out for before going into this is the profitability of selling on Amazon.


How Much Money Do Amazon Sellers Make?
When starting out, it is estimated that you can earn between $26,000-$810,000 per year with $2,100- $67,500 as an average monthly profit margin for Amazon sellers just starting out. Improving average monthly sales for Amazon sellers, especially people starting, requires the right sales optimization methods, and the correct use of these methods can go a long way in improving the overall profit of the business.


However, it is essential to note that there are several methods of selling on Amazon.  The most popular is the Amazon Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) program. Just like regular selling, there are often some expenses incurred in the logistics process of the sale. With the Amazon FBA program, sellers don’t have to worry about this logistics. However, the cost of the process is covered by the seller. So this can cause some variation in the profit levels of various sellers.

Averagely, most Amazon sellers make up to $1,000 per month in sales. Some high-ranking sellers can make as high as $250,000 monthly in sales.

Apart from the financial gains, most Amazon sellers also prefer to sell on Amazon for the freedom the platform provides. As an Amazon seller, you don’t have to worry about a boss, you are your own boss and can even work other jobs at your convenience. Irrespective of your reasons, you can be sure that selling on Amazon is a viable way to earn online.

How Much Do Amazon Sellers Profit?
The income of Amazon sellers might not be a precise representation of their profit levels. The higher the profit margin, the better. Profit levels are primarily affected by the sales volume and the logistics expenses involved in the sales process.

However, small companies might find it challenging to enjoy high-profit margins in the first few years of selling on Amazon.


How long does it take to become profitable on Amazon in 2020?
Studies have shown that most new Amazon sellers start making a profit within their first year of selling on Amazon.

How much money and time do I need to start selling on Amazon?
One of the significant challenges people face when starting out as a seller on Amazon is the wrong idea that it costs a lot to start selling on Amazon. You do not necessarily need a lot of cash to get started. There are other essential things that you would be required to invest in the business e.g., time and relevant data to guide your decision-making process. Several successful Amazon sellers started out with as low as $500.

This capital is primarily spent on procuring your products, promotions costs, and any other relevant Amazon costs. Luckily, you can start small and expand as your business grows.

How much time do you need to start selling on Amazon?
You don’t need to worry about spending a lot of time on your Amazon business. Most sellers spend less than 20 hours weekly. Although, when starting, you would most likely need more time to help your business find its feet. Once you have established the basics of your business, you can then sit back and watch your income roll in.

Will selling on Amazon be profitable in 2020?
All indicators show that selling on Amazon would be one of the most profitable ways to trade in 2020. More so, considering that the platform offers a wide range of opportunities for sellers.

Tips to Run A Profitable Business on Amazon

  • Get started
    A lot of sellers on Amazon often have issues overcoming the initial inertia with selling on Amazon. However, the best advice is to get started once you are ready. Luckily, you don’t need a lot of cash to get started, and Amazon has made the process much easier for sellers with the FBA scheme.
  • Put in the effort
    As much as it might seem tedious, it is vital to put in the effort into your online business on Amazon. Get all the resources you need and if you can learn from other experienced sellers. Look out for hacks and tips on how to optimize your sales.
  • Be Patient
    It is also important to note that things might not necessarily pick up when you start out. It might take some time before you begin to earn the profit. Amazon is not a quick money-making scheme.
  • Work with the Right Resources
    As much as possible, it is crucial that you look out for the right resources to guide your decision-making process as a seller. Currently, there are several web apps and software that can help provide necessary insights to help grow your Amazon business. These apps also help you carry out certain activities to optimize your sales.

IO Scout
IO Scout is a fantastic tool designed for Amazon sellers. IO scout can be used by both new and older Amazon sellers on Amazon. The tool offers a wide range of functions from helping to improve their search data accuracy to finding the high-performing products and keywords.

IO Scout has a database of over two hundred million products.

This makes it one of the best resources for obtaining accurate data and information to analyze market trends, and gaps are provided.

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Is It Profitable to Sell on Amazon?
Selling on Amazon is one of the most explored ecommerce options, but how profitable is this venture? This article contains all the details you need.  
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