Is Bodily Injury Required In the State Of Florida?


Applying for new car insurance, or updating your existing policies, can be a bit confusing when you start exploring all of the different options. You may, however, notice that there are a few different pieces of your policy that are mandatory, and others that you can decide whether or not to include. You may have noticed that Bodily Injury Liability Insurance is not required in the state of Florida (unless you have gotten a DUI, caused a previous accident, had your license suspended, or are a habitual traffic violator – then it is required), which means that you can save some money on your policy by not adding it, but does it mean that you don’t actually need it?

While Bodily Injury Liability Insurance is not required in Florida, it can save you a lot of trouble in the event that you were ever to need it. When a personal injury attorney in Winter Park goes into negotiations with an insurance company after an accident, one of the things that are negotiating about is the amount of money their client deserves out of the BI (Bodily Injury) Liability policy. If you don’t have that policy, then you could end up on the hook for your victim’s medical bills out-of-pocket.

What Happens If You Hurt Someone and Have Bodily Injury Liability?

If you cause a car accident that other people are injured in, and you have a BI policy, then they will be covered up to your policy amount against anyone else’s injuries. This is the amount limits that their personal injury attorneys will be negotiating with your insurance company for. If you get in a car accident and injure four other people, you will be extremely thankful for this policy when you see the expenses come in.

What Happens If You Hurt Someone and Do Not Have Bodily Injury Liability?

Florida has something called the Florida Financial Responsibility Law, which puts you on the hook for a sizeable amount of money owed to each victim. That means that if you cause $15,000 of bodily harm to someone, and you do not have a policy in place, then they can sue you for that amount, as well additional non-economic factors like their pain and suffering. In many cases, this amount of money can mean financial ruin for someone.

Now, imagine that you injured 3 people, and each of them suffered $15,000 of bodily injury that you do not have the policy to protect you from. You are up against $45,000 of bodily harm, plus court fees, plus non-economic factors, and anything else that you are not protected by your insurance company from.

Get Bodily Injury Coverage

Florida is one of the only states that does not require BI for all drivers, but just because you don’t need it, we recommend that you get as much coverage as you can afford. If not, a relatively minor accident can cause major financial problems for you.

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