iPhone X Main Bugs and Fails: How to Fix


iPhone X was released on November 3, however, all the main features were known from the Apple presentation in September. What to say, some of the bugs and fails were predicted, but a few of them happened before.

Check out below what are the main bugs of iPhone X and how to fix some of them!

1. Green Line of Death


Source: appleapple.top

Apple’s decision to use OLED displays in iPhone X was not the most successful. Previously it was reported the display can burn out when showing a static image, and Touch ID refuses to work properly in cold weather.

As it turned out, the iPhone X has more problems with the display. At this time, users began to complain about the appearance of vertical stripes of green color near the side edges of the display. Earlier, it happened to iPhone 4 and 5.

Solution: Apple has not commented about this issue yet, that is why the best solution is to contact Apple Support: @AppleSupport on Twitter, online chat, your local Apple Store and ask for a replacement.

2. Crackling Speakers at High Volume

iPhone X speaker is crackling at higher volume levels, no matter what kind of music is playing. It doesn’t affect many iPhone user, however, multitude of tweets were posted complaining about the same problem.

This bug appeared previously on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and turned out to be a software problem. We hope these two cases are related and Apple Support will make an update to fix this issue.

3. iPhone X’s screen doesn’t work in cold weather


Source: static.techspot.com

What else is new about iPhone X major release? Apple’s offspring is suffering from the long-term issue that affected a great deal of devices – screen becomes unresponsive at low temperatures.

There are also a few reports stating it didn’t work in really hot weather too:

We are currently waiting for Apple Support to fix this issue, and once it is done, iPhone X will become a perfect gadget for cold weather-users.

4. Vietnamese Hackers Tricked Face ID

After Apple announced iPhone X would use Face ID, millions of questions were raised. The company reassured that users would not have any problem with that security system,  however, Vietnamese security firm Bkav hacked Face ID a week after iPhone X’s release.

It’s not a problem for an average person using Face ID, but the world-leaders, celebrities and most influential individuals should take into account that a new security service isn’t as reliable as it was promised.

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