iOS 11.1 Update for Newbies: What You Should Know (Updated)


The new update is out! Read on Nexter how to update your iPhone and learn what are the pros and cons of iOS 11.1.

No matter whether you are Apple pro or just a newbie, it will be interesting to check out all the major improvements listed below.  

Updated (7:22 a.m. EST Nov.6)

Keyboard glitch.

  • Predictive text displays an odd character instead of the letter “I” and autocorrects it to “A[?]”.
  • People also found the glitch with the letters “U” and “O” as well, which means the problem occurs with vowels.
  • The bug appears not only in iMessages, but also in other messengers and social networks (Facebook and Twitter).
  • iOS 11.1 update doesn’t fix the problem. MacRumors stated the bug can be fixed by using third-party keyboards or turning off the predictive text in the settings.


Source: Mashable

What’s new?

Battery life

iOS developed over 70 new emojis, fixed main bugs and made some improvements.

Apple users have been constantly begging to fix the battery problems as its life lasts only a few hours:

It seems Apple finally has managed to improve the battery life. They had never officially stated that the previous version of iOS had battery life problems, however, it seems like they have been working on fixing it.

The beta version of iOS 11.1 showed the results – battery life improved on 50%.

Nevertheless, even these improvements are far from success. We do hope the next version – iOS 11.2 – will fix this problem on 100%.

2. Emojis

As a part of the update, iOS 11.1 introduced over 70 new emojis.


Source: Apple

It includes animals (giraffe, hedgehog and zebra), clothing (baseball cap, mittens and scarf), mythical creatures (magician, fairy and vampire) food (broccoli, noodles and pie) and more.

Source: Apple

Moreover, gender-neutral emojis were updated too.To see the new emojis, iOS 11.1 should be installed on both at the sender and the receiver.

3. Other minor bugs

Also, iOS 11.1 has managed to fix a wide range of minor bugs:

  • Improves photos displaying, fixes LivePhoto bugs;
  • Improves VoiceOver;
  • Gets rid of the repeated cleared notifications;
  • Improves Wi-Fi and Bluetooth stability;
  • Fixes incorrectly displayed location;
  • Includes patch for the KRACK wireless network attack.
  • Brings back 3D Touch multitasking gestures.

How to install iOS 11.1?

You can download the update on iPhone 5S, iPad mini 2 and iPod touch or their later models.

As always, you will receive a notification saying  iOS 11.1 is now available and will able to download it (the size is approximately 350MB). Also, you can do it manually – click Settings > General > Software Update) or as a download via iTunes.



If tried iOS 11.1 beta version, you must unroll your device and install the new update.

Stay in touch and learn about new iOS update with Nexter!

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