Tech Addict: Instagram Adds 6 New Effects, Samsung Might Finally Reveal a Foldable Phone + 4 More Latest Tech News

711 gathered most interesting  news and announcements for the week. 

Instagram adds 6 new effects


Source: Mashable

Instagram is adding six new “Superzoom” effects to its in-app Stories camera: a heart-filled fog with cheesy music, paparazzi-like camera flashes, flames, and a big red x.

Superzoom has already gained popularity among Instagram users, resulting in cute videos and hilarious memes, but now it’s going to be even cooler.

However, the update hasn’t been launched around the world and is available only for test users, which is kind of Instagram style.

Google’s ‘Art Selfie’ available globally

“With Google Arts & Culture you can visit top exhibits, zoom in on artworks in mind-blowing detail and browse thousands of stories, photos, videos, and manuscripts. Be your own curator by finding your favorites, creating your own collections and sharing them with friends,” is written in Art Selfie description.

The Art Selfie app is developed by Google and is based on machine learning. When you take a selfie, the image is compared with faces in the pieces of art that Google gathered from 1200 museum partners.

Google, in a blog post, stated they are about to “make art more accessible to everyone.” Michelle Luo, Product Manager, Google Arts & Culture, says, “You can be matched with tens of thousands of portraits – sometimes with surprising results like the heart-warming example of a woman in St Louis, US whose selfie was matched with a portrait of her great-grandmother, Emma.

Samsung might reveal a foldable phone soon

According to Samsung’s CEO of mobile DJ Koh, it’s “time to deliver” this long-awaited foldable phone. CNBC says Koh didn’t mention whether the foldable phone will be launched this year, but he say Samsung has “nearly concluded” the “complicated” phone development.

So, it might worth waiting for November to see if this device will be shown during the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco.

California requires electricity to come from clean sources by 2045

California lawmakers approved a measure mandating that all electricity come from wind, solar and other clean-energy sources by 2045, marking the state’s biggest step in the fight against global warming.

Amazon market value tops $1tn

Amazon has briefly become the second US-based company to be $1 trillion-worth company. Its shares rose to $2,050.50 making it $1 trillion in market value. However, it hadn’t lasted for long as at the end of the day its shares fell to $2,039.51.

Apple was the first one to tops $1tn market value at the end of July 2018.


Source: TechCrunch

Apple is worth now over $1 trillion in market capitalization. Following this week’s earnings release, Apple shares were $207.05, which values the company slightly over $1 trillion based on the most recent share count, TechCrunch reports.

Apple managed to increase its capitalization and the selling price thanks to the iPhone X release. iPhone sales grew by 1 percent, but revenue increased by 20%.

Sony Japan has ended life support for the PlayStation 2

Customer support and console services for the leading gaming console PlayStation 2 was pulled in Japan. This service was  available for the clients for 18 years since the company launched its gaming console there.


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