What’s Going On In California Wildfires


Northern California’s wildfires have now killed 31 people, making this the deadliest week of wildfires in state history.

As California Wildfires continue, hundreds of people are still searching for their families and friends. There many donation organizations that help and support the victims.

We in Nexter admire the courage of firefighters and all who experienced these horrible events. Here are some the most impressive and heart-breaking post we’ve found from social medias.


These guys are real super heroes! Thank you for your job.


So touching moment. Love is the real presure.


In such situations so simple things may cost so much.


God bless the people who forget about money when it’s about someone’s life.


We have nothing to say. Rest In Piece, Christina Hanson. Our condolenses to the family and friends.


We’re all the same in front of natural disaster.


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