How Youngsters Can Benefit From Wearing Eye Lenses


Contact lenses are not just for adults. Contact lenses can be worn by teenagers and young children. It is absolutely safe and no more risky than an adult wearing lenses.

In fact, contact lenses may even be beneficial for young children in many ways –

  • Ability to play contact sports
    Children that have poor vision cannot play contact sports like football or basketball because their glasses can keep falling down, breaking and thus not allowing them to play efficiently. Contact lenses completely solve this problem. They do not fall out of the eye unless they are taken out and can be very useful for children that love sports.
  • Increases field of vision
    Again, contact lenses can also improve the field of vision when compared to glasses. While glasses do not cover the entire eye, contact lenses are actually very useful as they cover the entire eye and let children see without any obstruction. This means their peripheral vision also improves.
  • Freedom
    While youngsters have to be extremely careful with glasses, it is much more freeing wearing lenses. They do not have to worry about their glasses slipping off the bridge of their nose or their glasses breaking.
  • Improved vision
    Some special, corrective lenses even change the shape of the cornea as young children sleep. This helps them see better the next day without wearing any lenses or glasses.
  • Self-esteem boost
    Wearing lenses can boost children’s’ self-esteem. Glasses can make them feel awkward or less attractive or they may even get teased about their glasses. This can be taken care of with lenses. Lenses allow youngsters to feel more confident and protect their eyes without feeling like someone else. In fact, some children even like experimenting with colored lenses like Anesthesia lenses especially Anesthesia La Mocha to change the color of their eyes either for a special occasion or every day. Colored lenses allow children to play around with their looks and feel more confident.
  • Protection from UV rays
    More than adults, children spend a lot of time outside. UV radiation can be harmful for the skin as well as the eyes. As a parent, if you slather on sunscreen onto your child, you also need to think about protecting their eyes. You cannot expect your child to wear sunglasses or hats while playing outside. In this case, you can choose contact lenses that absorb UV rays and protect their eyes from photokeratitis.
  • Responsibility
    Wearing contact lenses can indirectly make your children very responsible. Since contact lenses need to be taken care of properly, doing so will help them become more responsible and mindful of their things.

As you can see, there are more than plenty of benefits of getting youngsters to wear contact lenses. Not only does it help them with aesthetics but it can also protect them from harmful rays and give them the freedom to be themselves.

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