How to Write a Resignation Letter With Example


Have you decided to leave / resign from your current job? Resignation letter is a formal letter which is advisable to be written to the employer to inform them that you will be leaving the job. This is always advisable to write a resignation letter with a positive mindset to keep healthy relationship and leave with a strong nice impression with your previous employer. By this way, you pave way for yourself to move on.


Resignation letter is usually written to Human resource department, Senior (Manager Etc.), co- workers to make them informed about your decision to leave the organization.

Although apart from this, more samples are available if you go through different web portals, here we have compiled almost everything that is necessary to keep in mind while writing a resignation letter.

Before writing and handing over it to your boss, you must check the date of last working day (that you are expecting to be) and for this purpose we suggest you to use the blank calendar. As it is always advisable to inform the employer or boss in advance (say like a month or 2 weeks) as you never know that you might require a letter of recommendation from them for future aspects.

Important points that need to keep in mind to write a resignation letter are listed and explained below. Just make a right use of them to frame a promising and nice resignation letter.

1. If you are resigning (the reason could be anything), it is nice and appreciable to resign with gentleness and gracefully. This is a professional and personal etiquette which we must not forget to stay positive in any situation.

2. It must not just contain information about your last working day, but also write about last day work, any request accomplished or some detail related to work that need to be shared. Employee’s intend to leave is one aspect, primary aspect.

3. In order to maintain a healthy relationship with Boss / employer and to make it gracious, just thank your employer about the various opportunities provided and the experience you gained while being at this organization. You can write about your few personal happy moment too.

4. It is good if you write the reason about your resignation in brief or in few words. It could be anything, be a transition, higher studies, and family stuff; therefore to make a comfortable situation with a sense of respect and affability with the employer, let them informed.

5. Do not mention any mistake or complaint towards the organization as it is already too late for that. It could be a reason too, but let not keep it in resignation letter as it is not an appropriate mode for that purpose.

6. Everything in brief is appreciable. Do not exaggerate about anything.

7. Greet your boss and it must show your respect towards them.

8. Get your language checked for any grammatical error. Though it will not affect much but it is nice to recheck what you have written.

A resignation letter sample is given below for you convenience. You can download the template for your own purpose. You can follow us for more such advices and guide to write such letters. Thank you for your attention.

November 2, 2018

William Geller

Senior Manager,

Main Road NV,

Street No. 4

New York City, USA


Dear William,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am resigning from my current position, Senior Executive DSP, effective from 1st December.

Also, I’d like to thank you for being one of my best managers for your kind support and belief in me. It is

Because of you I have grown up and learnt a lot about management and working in a strategic manner. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time under your presence and guidance. Thanks a lot for every single opportunity you trusted me with. I have learnt many management skills from you that I’ll surely be applying in future endeavors too.

From next month onwards, I shall be joining a position of Manager at XYZ ltd. in California, USA and this is the reason of my resignation. I shall be joining there from 1st December. But, meanwhile I would like to assist you in any project where required and would complete every pending work that is left.

Thank you!


Jim Walker

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How to write a resignation letter with Example
Have you decided to leave / resign from your current job?

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