How To Vlog On A Budget


Not having a big budget shouldn’t stop you from vlogging on a daily basis. Money doesn’t matter when it comes to content you create online, at least in terms of the equipment you have.

Most video bloggers who have made millions also started with the simplest cameras and microphones. Some of them were filming with an iPhone for years. But that didn’t stop them from developing their channel and getting millions of followers. Even today when the video blogging industry is huge, you can start filming with a vlogging camera under 100 bucks only. What matters is the content you create.

In case you have a minimum budget and don’t want to film on your iPhone, invest in a simple but qualitative equipment. What are you going to need? Let’s have a look.

Cheap Vlogging Setup

Even if you’re planning to film on a budget, you still can afford a qualitative camera, a microphone, a tripod, good lighting, and even your personal studio. How?

There are a few solutions for vlogging on a budget, not having all professional equipment popular YouTubers own.

  • The first thing you need is obviously a camera. Can you find a cheap one? Yes. Can you find a cheap one with advanced features? Yes. There are so many models on the market that you can actually find one, which is going to fit both your budget and filming requirements perfectly. For example, pay attention to models like Campark ACT74, Nikon Coolpix L32 or Sony DSC W800. Even a cheap camera under 100 bucks can have cool features (image stabilization or flip screen). Actually, a flip screen is essential if you’re not experienced in doing YouTube videos at all. This will help you to control the image you film at the moment.
  • Tripod. A tripod is not a cheap thing. But there is always a way out. If you’re going to film at home, use the stuff around the house to stabilize the image. For example, books. If you film while moving, get a mini tripod. It is less expensive than a standard model, but helps a lot when it comes to holding the camera in front of you for a couple of hours.
  • A microphone is something you shouldn’t spend a lot of money on. Get one of the cheapest models with the highest ranking position on Amazon.
  • Lighting. Professional lighting is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment you can get, of course, if you’re looking for something really qualitative and professional. How to replace it? Use the indoor and outdoor lighting properly. There are many recommendations online on how and when to film using natural lighting that you can adapt your filming skills to it fast.
  • Create your own YouTube studio at home. How? Get a backdrop paper of different colors and change the background on your videos each time you film at home.

Now you’re ready to start your own channel on YouTube. Think about your future content one more time and start filming by getting the equipment you can afford.

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