How to use sports psychology in your life 


Ever wondered why professional athletes always seem so happy? Sure, it could be the adoring fans and untold riches. Or it might be that they use sports psychology in their everyday lives. Here’s how to utilize sports psychology in your own life.

Live more mindfully

Sports psychology can teach you to live more at the moment and let go of things that might be bothering you. You can do this by being aware of your actions, thoughts, and feelings from a third-person perspective. Think about what you’ve been worrying about lately – have those worries gone now? The idea is to accept how you feel and resist any urges to get caught up in what’s making you unhappy.

Use positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are a great way of changing negative thoughts into positive ones. For example, “I always make the right decision!” or “My finances are looking good!” This helps you look at things from a new perspective, put yourself in a positive frame of mind, and open yourself up to new opportunities.

Focus on what you can control

If there’s one thing sports psychology teaches you, it’s that you have very little control over certain things – winning isn’t always going to be the result of our hard work, but we can control how much effort we put in. Focus instead on things that you have 100% control over – your thoughts, feelings, and actions. When you focus on these things, the rest falls into place.


Athletes use this technique all the time to picture their success before they make it happen. When you visualize, you’re using your mind as a tool to motivate yourself. For example, footballs might visualize scoring a goal or making a killer pass before the game starts. You can learn about visualization and more on Total Football Analysis. For more things you can learn from footballers, visit the site.

Develop better concentration

Concentration is the key to success in every sport, but it’s also a valuable life skill. You can learn from sports psychology how to better concentrate so you do well at work and other activities. Athletes improve this ability by practicing mindfulness and focusing on what they need to do during training sessions and games. They stay in the moment and don’t let distractions get in their way.  

Walk with confidence

The art of walking with confidence is quite simple. Imagine you’re an important person and that your every step brings great things to pass. This technique has been used by successful people around the world, including Muhammad Ali, who practiced it when he was ‘floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.’ Visualize yourself as the best version of yourself.

Tone your body

Professional athletes look great because they spend a lot of time working out and maintaining their bodies. If you want to be more confident, take care of your body. The key is not going overboard – overdoing it at the gym can make you feel worse about yourself. Instead, pick two or three exercises you like and stick to them.

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How to use sports psychology in your life 
Professional athletes look great because they spend a lot of time working out and maintaining their bodies.
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